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  1. I had to escalate a dispute through paypal against these C-word... paid for 10 King Arms VSS mags on 16/04, they have posted them only on 13/05. I have paid £58 for them and £32 for express air post. Tracking only showed ARRIVED in UK, with them telling me I have to track on Royal Mail system, where tracking number produced nothing... After hours on the phone begging, Royal Mail used my name and Post Code to confirm that they infact had a parcel from Hong Kong for me but it was due to be send back to sender because the address was incomplete. Sender would have to get it and send it again with correct address. Even thou I was confirming my address and my details, for "security" reasons it had to go back to sender.... Anyways, I contacted Tiger111HK and told them that I wasnt happy with this service and a month and a half wait. That I wanted a refund so I can buy magazines for my VSS else where. Needless to say, I ended up buying them from Fire-support (as they have received new stock) on 27/05 but I have not received refund or the items I paid £84 for from Tiger111HK. Hence the escalating dispute now as they are saying that the item have been delivered... I would not use Tiger111HK ever again and would not recommend as the communication is generic and one sided (computer says NO) :-(
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