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Logan Nagel

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    Wisconsin, U.S.
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    I lead and tech for an airsoft team located in Wisconsin. Have five years of experience with airsoft, but I am definitely still learning. Favorite gun ever = M14 EBR.

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    modified JG AK47 Two upgraded m4's many parts...
  1. Yes, you might want to try a miracle barrel and an R-hop... If you want to push it even further, switch to the highest torque gear and motor setup you can fit in the M4 gearbox, squeeze in an M170 spring and start slinging .40 sniper bbs with it. You won't be able to take it to any regulated field, but if you play on private property (with permission) you'll outrange everyone else. Remember, its airsoft, you're not going to be able to shoot as far as you can see like with a real gun.
  2. *Update*- Sanded the tappet plate; didn't work... I'm going to have to try the old reciever. Shoulda done that in the first place, but the new one had my punisher skull on it. >:(
  3. The gun looks like my M12 from the pics, u sure its an M4?
  4. If its legal in your country, get Novritsch's gun. You'll end up spending way less buying that than you will upgrading the VSR 10. The SSG24 is the best sniper on the market for the price, since it comes pre-upgraded which means you will not have to pay for the gun and then parts. It is also built as sturdy as the real gun, while the TM VSR 10 will feel very light and flimsy since it only weighs 1,923 g.
  5. Lol I thought this was a joke at first. Don't sweat it; we were all noobs at one time...
  6. I agree, IMO there is generally no need to lube an AEG mag. The only exception I have seen is cheap 1000 rd AK hi-caps that fed terribly. I lubed up a handfull of bbs, ran them through a few times, and I have been told the mags have been feeding well ever since. So hi-caps, maybe...
  7. Lol, I've actually seen smoke being launched before, with the possibility of conking someone on the head, yes. And I've also heard from a veteran airsofter I met that he saw somebody shooting reusable 40mm grenade shells out of an M4 grenade launcher. Like the shell shot out of the launcher. At people. I think realism is more important to me than safety, I personally would be okay playing in a game with grenades being shot at me. I've never been shot with one, but from what I've seen I doubt they would hurt much, unless someone got shot in the back of the head with one, assuming they were wearing full face protection and a helmet. Just watch some videos of the Russians; they're crazy. They've got fully automatic rocket launchers mounted on real tanks which are also shooting explosive paint powder shells. And over here we're afraid of being shot with over 350 fps...
  8. Lol WTF. Think you're in the wrong place, buddy.
  9. I didn't get a chance to look at every comment, there were so many, but I'll represent Wisconsin here. Airsoft Arena, Milwaukee - Nice big CQB place, although they must be getting killed with property taxes/mortgage because it's a bit pricey. Apocalypse Paintball- Forgot where it is, but it's in some small town in central Wisconsin. Awesome outdoor field with over 50 acres, including a castle, WWII trenches, and tons of buildings in small villages. Airsoft is on Sunday with free spicy spaghetti. :D Those are the only two I've actually been to here, all the other ones are too far to drive for just a day of airsoft. IF YOU WANT TO FIND AIRSOFT PLACES, GO TO airsoftc3.com. Its a good site that a lot of fields post on.
  10. Yeah, I think the state airsoft associations are the best bet for the long run. The Wisconsin one just got it's forum hacked recently I think, actually. Someone deleted everything.
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