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  1. So basically, there's no reason to buy the g16 on Evike.com when the one on airrattle is cheaper?
  2. Hey I'm about to buy a G&G GR 16 AEG rifle. Now I am looking on two different websites for pricing, and on Airrattle the GR16 is $140 dollars with the battery and charger included. However on Evike.com the GR16 is 170$ without charger or battery Here are the links to the two websites. 1. http://www.airrattle.com/G-G-Combat-Machine-M16-Airsoft-BlowBack-AEG-p/egr-16p-car-bb-combo.htm 2.http://www.evike.com/products/30457/ Now Am I missing something here? Are these basically the same products just priced differently? I would really apperciate it if someone could help me sort out what the difference is so I could make my purchase. Thank you, MitchellE
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