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  1. I have been to a couple of big box stores, used Google and am struggling on which gun as we'll as which type of gun to buy. I noticed the pellet guns are much more powerful, so it seems that an air soft is the way to go. I am hoping to spend $200 or less and would like to get him a pistol and one that looks like a machine gun. I found several packages with both, but it seems like it would be better to buy them Separately. I also noticed that several of the guns were heavier than others. Being 8, I think a heavier gun would not be good for him. The guns will be used for target shooting only. I saw guns that were pump, spring powered, electric and co2. I am worried the pump may be too hard and I had a co2 gun when I was little and it was terrible (that was a long time ago). I have no idea about electric guns. I am guessing you charge them prior to use. Based on what I want and this being a starter gun, I would rather save now and pay more later if he really likes it. Here is what I would like to have: Machine gun and pistol; easy to use; scope or laser pointer (guessing I can add these); $200 or less; I hope I provided enough details on what I am looking for. Thank you in advance for advice and suggestions
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