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  1. <AT>Guges Mk3: Thanks for the insight. Looks like a super smart charger. I have one of the RC Airplane smart charges, but nothing like the one you posted. So, $200 for an AEG of decent quality - this was the data I was looking for. Any brands I should stick with? <AT>Rvl 20 acres is my total property. We have clear fields, woods, creeks, ponds. Not planning to play on all of it perse, at any given time. I just know that if I buy 2 guys for me and him that will get old quick. If I buy 4-6 guys now we can get other dads and sons to come play without a huge cost sink to them. I just don't want to be buying guns every year because I bought the entry level junkers. Handguns are something I had not thought of. What is the entry level price on a quality handgun?
  2. Gents, I live on 20 acres and would like to setup a small airsoft field on my property for my son, myself and a few friends to play on. I want to buy 4-6 reliable, affordable guns that I will be able to maintain over time. I'm thinking that AEG is the way to go, but could be convinced otherwise. I'm thinking a budget around $100 per gun unless a reliable, straight shooting gun cannot be had for this price. Can't afford more than $200 per gun. Appreciate any advice!! Thanks!
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