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  1. I play everyweek with my son at my local field 20 acres is alot of running and hiding I would start simpler We made a bunch of barricades out of pallets in a forest And run from barricade to barricade trying not to get hit Or crawl through high grass We keep games short , only 15 minutes We play 8 games a day and 2 of the games are only handguns The only handgun games are alot of fun and alot more running and really gets the adrenalin pumping The other games are alot more hiding and waiting until you can get a clear shot
  2. Rvl

    Hello from Japan

    Hi I play airsoft everyweek at a local field with my son Have 14 rifles and 10 handguns I enjoy taking them apart and then forgetting where everything goes and have to ask my son to fix it Thanks Robert Aomori Japan
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