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  1. I've played airsoft once and I'm absolutely hooked. I pretty much think about it 24/7. So I requested a "license" here in the Netherlands and now I'm looking for a good M4. M4 seems to be nice for CQB, but also usable for the occasional outside adventure. Plus loads of people use it and could help me out a little when I run into a wall. I've selected 4 replicas I'm interested in, but I don't know nearly enough to choose the "best" one. CYMA CM005 http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152200816-CM005-rifle-replica.html Specna SA-V19 http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152211475-SA-V19-Carbine-replica.html G&G GC16 300 BOT http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152210549-GC16-300-BOT-Assault-Rifle-Replica.html G&G CM16 Raider-L https://www.unit13shop.eu/index.php?item=g_g-cm16-raider-l-black_-upgraded&action=article&group_id=20000035&aid=16517 G&G seems very reliable, but CYMA en Specna are all metal (I believe). The CM16 Raider has a Mosfet thingy, which I suppose is a good thing. Hope someone can point this noobie in the right direction. And if I overlooked an even better option, please let me know!
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