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  1. does it have the stubby outer barrel or the more extended one ?
  2. Look for the tan version preferably.
  3. I want the tokyo marui breacher but I heard it cannot handle green gas. Is this true ? if so is there a fix to it ? like maybe I can buy a part ?
  4. he says its looks stubby to him and preferes the classic look.
  5. though he wants top rails since he wants to add a acog/ and bunch of other attachments
  6. Nah he wants a basic m4 with rails didnt like how short they looked.
  7. So if its 300 it shouldnt be a trash item ?
  8. alright so stay away from the evike custom class ones ?
  9. My friend wants to purchases a m4 at first I recommended Krytac since I own one but he didn't like the key-mod rails. So I recommended him g&p ive heard they make good internals and he likes their m4s looks. So im basically asking anyone who has owned a g&p brand gun, if its a solid gun externally and internally.
  10. yeah I know its just there is certain moments when range is necessity for me. Ex attack and defend when pushing up I need to be able to pick off or suppress effectively and somtimes the range can fall a little short or the other way around I like to pick people off before they get close. Even basic tdm I like to stick to brush/woodland area of my local field and pick people off.
  11. im not saying its is bad its just what was reccomended above to get a better range out of it.
  12. would the matrix m125 be a good spring ? or just a regular evike one.
  13. the gun is brand new(2 weeks) so like im assuming there is a brand of bucking or somthing that has a good seal.
  14. wasnt upgrading just to upgrade. I want it to have more range and higher velocity. its supposed to be a spr/dmr so I want it to shoot like one.
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