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  1. Iv'e been looking far and wide for a great airsoft Micro Uzi out there. I want to avoid those awful and cheap AEPs with battery magazines and gravity-fed BB reservoirs you can find on Evike unless they are the other way around: an AEP with a BB magazine and a battery reservoir. I have my eyes set for the Maruzen Micro Uzi, but that thing is really hard to find. It's either sold out or discontinued, no surprise since the gun was made in 1990. The only one I know that's on sale is this one deal on Ebay for $355, which is ridiculous. Are there any decent airsoft Micro Uzis or Uzis in general on the market today? Any clones of the Maruzen Micro uzi? Any AEPs or GBBs worth buying? Thanks!
  2. The file really worked well trimming the plastic curve. Now it fits on the gun really well now. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! According to the reviews for the grip, the only things I need to remove in order for it to fit in the gun are two plastic tabs. Should be easy. Would hack saws also be good at trimming? It's something I considered, but I'm not sure since it could break the grip.
  4. I am externally upgrading my Echo 1 Scar-L and I am almost done. The only thing I need to do now is install a black PTS Magpul MOE pistol grip I already bought. The only thing I'm really concerned with is the curve of plastic behind the grip. By looking at pictures of the grip, it looks like it's only going to fit on an M4 or a VFC Scar. I don't think this grip can fit on my Echo-1 unless I chop off or at least trim the plastic curve. What is the best way to trim the plastic curve? Is there a certain tool I should use to help fit the grip? Should I return the grip and find another Magpul "look-alike" grip that could fit the gun better? I would love to hear back!
  5. Really sorry for the late reply. Was super busy in the winter. The UHC and KWC spring pistols look really nice. Might plan to buy those someday. What do freight forwarders do? I looked it up, and I really couldn't find anything. Most marui guns on Amazon are sold by sellers than Amazon itself.
  6. So a while ago, I was looking online for some Tokyo Marui spring pistols after hearing about how great they were from numerous reviews. Just by looking at them, they beat all the spring pistols I ever laid eyes on aesthetically. I needed some spring pistols anyway since they are great to shoot in the backyard or even indoors. Most of the models I wanted were sold out on most websites including RedWolf and EHobbyAsia (which can't even ship to my address anyway). So I was looking around Amazon and I found some models I liked, and I found way more on Amazon-Japan. Not only were they there for sale, but also they were super cheap! Only 2,000 Yen or about $20!! Amazon-Japan normally doesn't ship to America, but for the TM spring pistols I found, I managed to find a seller that can ship them to the US. Except for the $60+ shipping fee I have to pay and the month long shipping time, only one question remains: Is it possible? Can these guns ship to the states successfully without getting seized? Is it worth buying these or should I look somewhere else? I would appreciate your responses.
  7. Listen, I am so new to all of this. I just started this airsoft thing less than two years ago and this is my first time buying a gun from a place that isn't evike. Please understand.
  8. I actually considered doing this since I live on campus and cannot bring anything that is shaped like a gun into public eye. However, many people told me that there is a risk of creating a bigger problem if someone at the post office finds out that it's a gun of some type. I think I heard a story about how someone tried to pick up a airsoft Deagle at the post office and someone there almost called police when the gun fell out of the box.
  9. This is a question I want to ask for people who bought from Echigoya and lives in the US: If Echigoya screws on orange tips to your guns, do they ship in the original flash hider too? I heard RedWolf does ship the original flash hider and they are located in the UK. But this is Echigoya from Japan. I ordered a Marui P90 and I was wondering this. I am afraid they will replace the flash hider with some lame M4 orange tip or something else. What's worse is that I can't find a Marui P90 flash hider or another P90 flash hider that would fit. Believe it or not, some P90 flash hiders out there are different compared to the Marui one. I never checked the box since it didn't come yet, so I am really unsure. If anyone ordered something from Echigoya, please tell me about your experiences. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the tips, I decided to buy the Desert Eagle even though no one uses them. The Spas only shoots 10 shots and I'm done buying from Evike. I feel like the hard kick feature is more interesting than the 3 shot spray. The imitation chrome finish on the gun is also a great feature on the pistol. I plan don't plan to use this to the field but rather add it to my collection.
  11. You're right, they are both terrible choices for a secondary. But the choice was really whether the pistol is better than the shotgun or the other way around. I think I should have cleared that I wasn't looking for a secondary weapon for the P90. And I know it's my money and I can spend it on whatever, but I don't want to buy one of the guns and go "Damn it I wish I bought the other one instead!" After all, I can't buy two of them. I really need help deciding since I like them both.
  12. I planned to buy two guns for my birthday: a Marui P90, and either a Marui SPAS-12 or a Marui Silver Desert Eagle GBB. Just a note, these guns are not going to be linked together like "Primary or Secondary" weapons. So far, I got the Marui P90 and it was successfully shipped to my California house, I am so happy it got there safely through the California customs. Although it came with a strange orange tip, it's something I can manage. I got it from Echigoya Japan, so there is a slight chance they put in the original flash hider in the box somewhere. But I don't really know. Now it all comes down to either the Desert Eagle or the SPAS-12 since I can only get one gun to go with the P90. I can't get both. Cost doesn't matter between the two guns since they are roughly the same price not considering shipping and handling. Here is a list of pros and cons with each gun. These are points I have come up myself through observations of images, product descriptions, videos, and reviews. Desert Eagle: Pros: -Fake chrome finish looks absolutely beautiful -Hard kick recoil -Gas blowback for realism -Rubber grip -More than 10 rounds capacity -Powerful -Accurate -Trademarks -Uses a magazine -Magazine looks awesome -Great Detail -Most interesting pistol in my pistol collection -Rare gun -Coolest pistol in my opinion -Weighs a lot Cons: -Orange tip is ugly on this gun -Could possibly be uninteresting to shoot -Might be hard to get it to California and might pay a lot in shipping -I might have enough gas pistols already SPAS-12 Pros: -Shell it comes with looks awesome -Shoots three bullets, will be the only gun to do that in my collection -Great detail -It's a long gun -Trademarks -Good for tearing paper -Good shotgun to replace my older single-shot Mossberg 500 -Favorite gun when I was little -Orange tip won't look too bad on this -Easy to buy on Evike, no hassle no expensive shipping costs -Third party accessories compatible (shell holders or slings) -Looks intimidating design wise Cons: -Only allows ten shots -The shell magazine might be tedious to load -Magazine trapdoor could easily break -Possibly weak -No folding stock -Very easy to buy anywhere and it's not worth it to buy now. -Ugly colors -Very light and unrealistic -Inaccurate This was my Pros and Cons list for each of the guns. I would really appreciate it if someone who owns one of the guns or just anybody in general can give me their personal experiences or opinions on all or one of the two choices so it can help me make my decision. Which one is worth the price? Which one is more fun to shoot? Which one would most likely be discontinued very soon? Which one is more realistic? I can't wait to hear what you all have to say!
  13. Actually, just for an update, Echigoya successfully shipped in the P90 from Japan to California. The P90 is in my California address now and I'm really happy! I have pictures that confirm this. Since they also carry the Silver DE, I might as well order from them again and deal with the expensive shipping and handling fees, which won't be too bad.
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