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  1. Long time player but I'm a little rusty to the comms side of gear and etiquette.. I'm looking to buy a new radio and headset and I want it to be modern but not too bulky if it can be helped. I have no idea where to start so any help is appreciated.... What do most teams run??
  2. The trigger response is a big selling point! I'm comfortable doing tech work on my guns, but if I can buy good enough ID rather not. Not really looking to tear into the gearbox so I definitely want something solid there.. I appreciate the input! Haven't ever spoken to anyone with the scorpion so I didn't give it much thought... I'll definitely do some research on it!
  3. Haha tried to quote you^ ,anyways I actually own three high dollar G&P guns, and am looking to branch out as far as brands... I briefly had a krytac PDW and it was a great gun, so I'm considering the LVOA and putting some upgrades into it. (Prommy barrel, flat hop, pro win hop chamber etc..)
  4. I considered the scorpion, just wasn't sure how accurate at a range it is.. What's is your opinion on that? Never seen one at my local field so it's also an eye catcher.. But the newer models are due out in March though haha
  5. Also need to add that I'm playing outdoors over long distances but not looking for a bolt action
  6. Basically I'm getting another new rifle. I have a $500 limit. First priority is accuracy followed by aftermarket support, then speed follows by Aesthetics... Just looking on ideas as to where to start? Brands, models and so on.. Idc whether it's gbb or AEG, just collecting opinions
  7. I have a never fielded G&P that I'm turning into a DMR. It came with hop up issues and I never got it actually fixed correctly. I put an R hopped barrel that I bought from Hs5's website. Long story short I believe I had a pinch jam, and the gears stripped the piston teeth... My question is, what are some good options when considering upgrading this?
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