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  1. Hello, We are going to play a modified version of the Grab the flag scenario. Instead of the flag, we will be placing a Trophy. The team of the first person to reach the cup and grab it is the winner. We got the ideas inspired from HP Goblet of Fire. We are going to buy 10" Gold cup shown here. (http://www.houlthellewell.com/product-details/classic-trophies-awards/hh-classic-cups/classic-cups-series-7216/) Some are suggesting a double tier trophy. Please share your opinions on this.
  2. you should then get gas blowbacks. I would suggest WE SVD GBB sniper rifle. My friend uses that.
  3. Bellam

    Hey guys

    Hi, My name is Jamie. I like airsoft a lot. My brother introduced me to the game. Ever since , I am so thrilled. I use ICS combat rifle. Good to be here.
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