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  1. Hello all fellow airsofters, I am currently getting out of the sport after my roughly 10 year venture. It has been fun, but with children and other hobbies in my life now. I no longer have time to play. With that being said, cash is king for most items and I will NOT be accepting trades for other airsoft gear. However, I will be accepting trades for the following: Real Steel gun parts, streetbike parts/accessories, PC parts/accessories, and other random stuff you may have to offer. All prices are obviously OBO and I am willing to give better deals while bundling items. Make any offer, worst I can say is no! The pictures for the items are just so I have a photo of everything. If you would like more in depth and up close pictures/details of any item, I will be more than happy to provide! Note: All buyers pay shipping unless meeting locally of course. Shipping is not included in item price. Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/OAjTWMJ Item's: https://imgur.com/a/GrcMfCb GUNS ARES Amoeba AM-013 Price - 200 OBO JG Pump Tri-Shot Shotgun Price - 30 OBO Custom Echo1 Timberwolf Price - 100 OBO BONEYARD WE-Tech F226 Price - 50 OBO BONEYARD KWA ATP Price - 30 OBO Plate Carrier Setup - Would like to sell this whole, but will part out each piece if no one makes an offer. Condor Gunner Plate Carrier - FDE Price - 40 OBO - Will Sell Whole setup for 120 OBO Condor Double Stacker Open Top Triple Mag Pouch (STANAG Mag) - FDE Price - 20 OBO 2x HSGI Taco Pouch - FDE Price - 45 OBO For Both or 25 Each Pantac MiniMap Backpack - FDEa Price - 75 OBO Condor Single Pistol Mag Pouch - FDE Price - 5 OBO Generic Utility Pouch - FDE Price - 5 OBO Condor Single Point Sling - FDE Price - 10 OBO Misc Gear TMC Airframe Replica - FDE - Large Price - 50 OBO Crye Precision Airframe Helmet Cover - MultiCam - Large Price - 20 OBO TMC - Crye Replica Combat Shirt - MultiCam - Large Price - 35 OBO TMC - Crye Replica Combat Pants - MultiCam - Large Price - 35 OBO Phantom Gear Dump Pouch - FDE Price - 10 OBO Generic Wire Mouth Protector - FDE Price - 10 OBO TMC Wire Face Protector w/ Helmet Clip In's - FDE Price - 15 OBO Flyye Industries Double Stacker Double Mag Pouch Dropleg - OD Green Price - 20 OBO Condor Universal Sidearm Dropleg - OD Green Price - 10 OBO Condor Shotgun Shell Pouch - OD Green Price - 10 OBO Condor XL Utility Pouch - OD Green Price - 15 OBO Knockoff Peltor Comtac2's - Woodland/OD Green Price - 20 OBO Gun Parts/Accessories Knockoff EO-Tech 553 - FDE Price - 60 OBO Magpul MOE RVG - FDE Price - 25 OBO CAA KAC Style Iron Sights - FDE Price - 15 OBO UTG Smalldot Sight - Black Price - 15 OBO Matrix 11.1v 1500 mAh Lipo Price - 20 OBO 2x Turnigy 7.4v 2000 mAh Lipo Price - 35 OBO or 20 Each Eliteforce 11.1v 1400 mAh Lipo Price - 20 OBO 10x KWA K120 Midcaps - FDE/Tan Spray Paint Price - 60 OBO or 7 Each
  2. I know its not the mag I'm just not too sure what it could be.... SOS
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