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  1. Hey guys ! I'm still a noob to airsoft. My question is I have a G&G CM16 GBB V2 The hop up system on the gun is broken. Now the gun is discontinued therefore making parts hard to come by. I've been doing research and came across a GHK AEG TO GBB conversion kit. After researching that GBB kit is from what I understand is what G&G used in their V1 rifles. My question is if I got that kit or even just the hop up from that kit ( both sold at evike) would I be able to use that hop up in my GBB v2 to replace the broken hop up. I was under the impression that everything G&G is proprietary,but after researching this conversion and look at pictures the hop up resembles the hop up on my GBB v2. Thank you guys in advance, below I will include links on the 2 items. Coversion kit - http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=115&products_id=38179 Ghk hop up - http://www.evike.com/products/46466/ G&G GBB V2 HOP UP- http://www.airsoftmaster.com/g-g-m4-gbb-hop-up-assembly/
  2. Hey guys I'm still noob to airsoft. The hop up on my G&G CM16 GBB v2 broke. So essentially with the gun discontinued, parts are hard to come by. My question is I have 8 of these magazines. I was wondering could these magazine if any of could fit any other M4 GBB Rifle (WE, KWA , etc). Thanks in advance.
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