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  1. I have a VFC m416c
  2. I got a vfc 416c, pm me
  3. hey I have both a p90 and an f2000 that I'm looking to sell
  4. I have a 416c that I can sell
  5. hey I have a hk416c, pm me for my number so I can send you pics
  6. I have a starter m4-ris kit that I can sell to you for 130, its never been fired
  7. son if you want a 416 you're gonna have to drop at least 270+ shipping. I'm selling a 416c for that much right now
  8. message me, I have an internally upgraded Bravo RDW that I can let go for not much
  9. hey message me, I'm selling one, with the scope, and 150$ rail
  10. Selling a G&G f2000 I got in a trade a while ago, and as I have gotten into CQB no longer want it. Features: Tan model Scoped version DMR-length tbb Machined aluminum rail Pardon the Image link, but here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOqHrCnqzKpHJyxHJ4el7mvPOiAbOilV1EIJ86wFfjHu1pel8zSOVyIBSIkGYc_nQ?key=UE05S3ZadHpJbHpjM1RwRDd5TTJWcHgzZnVHekJn
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