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  1. Anyone know a fix I'm with five hours in and still can't figure it out.
  2. The trigger pull was slow/delayed so I just replaced them. still shot fine though
  3. I took apart a JG G3 SAS today to replace the trigger contacts as they trigger pull was slow. Putting it back together I shot it again. But this time it would take 2-3 trigger pulls for it to cycle one round. If anyone knows what this is let me know.
  4. Update. Took a break from airsofting when football/wrestling season began and most important school. Anyways I finally got around to ordering the parts. Ended up ordering off of Brillarmory.com. Guarder sp150 V7 sorbo pad SHS v7 air nozzle Cyma reinforced metal rack piston and piston head Besides that Ill try wrapping cylinder head in Teflon tape, do AOE anything else I should try?
  5. Alright. I went ahead and ordered one and a mag. Will be buying a lipo mod soon. Next upgrade will be a eagle 6 spring and tappet plate
  6. Alright. I went ahead and ordered one and a mag. Will be buying a lipo mod soon. Next upgrade will be a eagle 6 spring and tappet plate
  7. Anyone? What have you guys heard/know about Cyma g18c it will be a secondary for my dmr outside play, clearing rooms and CQB
  8. Yep this happened to me just like airborne said take the two screws loose and the motor wires are likely to be unconnected, good luck
  9. Your gonna most likely burn your contacts
  10. I own a Cyma m14 and I love it. Yes I'm having compression problems but it should be a easy fix just waiting for some new parts. Go to brill armory you can get parts for about anything. One downside to m14s are they are a pain to take apart. If your making it into a dmr the stock gears should handle a sp130 if you want to go higher this is what I would do imo SHS gears ~$20 SHS high torque motor ~$30 Ver7 Sorbo pad ~$4 Guarded sp130 ~$12 Ball bearing spring guide ~$10 Then so many diy mods you can find on the wholy Grail of dmrs. Correct AOE, work on compression.
  11. All I know as of now is the best upgrade is the lipo upgrade you need a 300mah 7.4 lipo jst female wires and a charger ofc. Nineball and Eagle 6 make parts for them. You can upgrade to a eagle 6 spring lipo and tappet plate to get around 250fps 15rps (with heavier spring). Cyma hi cap mags have lots of problems. That all I know if anyone has anything to add please tell me.
  12. Found this http://www.wholesalecentral.com/globeproductsupply/store.cfm?event=itemdetail&itemid=669092&returnto=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ewholesalecentral%2Ecom%2Fglobeproductsupply%2Fstore%2Ecfm%3Fevent%3Dshowcatalog%26catid%3D73864
  13. I'm very fond of the g18 model but with a budget of $80 I can only afford the Cyma model. My problem is I can't find any. I've looked high and low and in the states you can't find one unless it has $20-$40 shipping. If there are any used ones people have or anything let me know. I'm just gonna do a lipo and eagle6 spring and diy mods when I finally get one. Thanks
  14. Awesome thank you for your time man. Greatly appreciated.
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