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  1. The hopup idea actually seems pretty smart, thanks for that. And yeah that's what I heard about Krytacs but I don't wanna mess with it before the warranty is over (60 days) Cutting the spring is definitely a last resort I'd only do after the warranty is over. And it's been rated 400-420 fps with 0.20 grams although I plan on using higher gram for the accuracy, they force you to use their bbs though.
  2. hello fellow airsofters, I've recently been really on the fence about buying a Krytac SPR for one reason: the limit at my local field is 400 fps and most guns are chronoed at the start. according to most sources I've found say that the fps is between 400-420. I really love everything about the spr (I perfer longer rifles because of my height) and I really want to get one, but I'm not sure if I should because of the fps limit. if you've ever owned a spr, what was the average fps it got on the field? were you allowed to play at places with a 400 fps limit? I don't plan on changing any internals to lower the fps, if it's too high I'll just get something else. thanks in advance
  3. Yeah, that's what I was planning on. I'm gonna get a grip and sight, and maybe change the spring after a couple months. If I really need it I'll look into a different barrel but the SRT has a huge barrel and so that can be a bit challening
  4. Thanks for your feedback guys! I've decided on a Krytac mk 2 SRT, the 410 fps and 15 inch barrel really appeal to me because accuracy is paramount in my eyes. Gonna customize it and stick an 11v lipo in it, perhaps make a gun review after taking it out a couple times? Anyways, thanks so much! Seriously. I haven't even ehard of Krytac before posting this and now I'm getting one lol
  5. thanks for the feedback! yeah definetly not going for the Echo. Krytac really got my attention though since you guys seem to really praise it. My budget is around 300-350 USD, so which Krytec would you recommend? I heavily favor FPS and accuracy since the field I play at has pretty long sightlines Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello fellow airsofters, Recently a bunch of my friends have decided to get into airsoft so I figured I might as well get into it again (last time I bought a p90 for field play and someone dropped it, so not the best experience) This time Ive been doing a lot more research and have come across 3 guns that intrigue me: http://echo1usa.com/x/licensed-products/troy-industries/troy-mrf-mx/ Seems like a good overall balance, not sure about it because of the other candidates http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_832&products_id=2221 8 This was one of the first guns I came across and it really appealed to me. The construction is meant to be as realistic and durable as possible, which I love, plus it just looks amazing in general http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=21244 Another candidate that seems solid in all departments Which would you guys recommend? I aminly play at a field with pretty far engagement ranges (100-150 feet) and an fps limit of 400 with a little bit of wiggle room. I'm looking for something with 400 fps and a good rof (getting a 9.6v battery should do the trick) Thank you all in advance!
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