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  1. Alright so, I made the bevel gear a bit more loose for the motor and.... After I noticed my trigger did not have the G&G ETU satisfying "click" when the trigger actuated, I replaced the ETU with another I had (previously had been replaced when the MOSFET attached to the G&G ETU blew up on me) Now the gun seems to cycle perfectly and works like a charm, and now I must say if this one breaks I'm getting a TITAN MOSFET and ditching the crappy G&G ETU/MOSFET combo, too many lemons... Thanks for the help guys! I'll let you guys know if another problem arises. I now hate G&G ETUs- NEVER BUY THEM, first the MOSFET that came with the gun exploded, now, with the replacement I got from VIP airsoft, the ETU broke.... Its a sad day in the lemon world :lemon: <---- (needs to be an emoji)
  2. The spring is the one that came with the gun and I believe it is around a m120 or m110. And the motor, I believe, is fine but the other motor- a crappy g&g 1800rpm motor also does not work in the gun.
  3. Fairly free. A normal speed spin is about 3 or so cycles with my finger and easily doing fully with the motor
  4. It is a variable pitch spring and I have it on so the more tightly wound side is over the spring guide
  5. I've tried both, and in both instances it still does not fully cycle. This is very odd.... Also I have a Matrix 3000 high torque motor which should easily be able to spin the stock spring which I amuse is a M120. And in fact it did quite easily before I opened the gun but, after shimming it and epoxying the bushings it doesn't work. And yes I have tried to reverse my mods but to still no avail. Very peculiar.
  6. Yes, its fully assembled I have tried it both, the gearbox by itself with the motor and motor grip fully attached, and with the gearbox in the lower with the buffer tube attached and fully tightened.
  7. No, there's no bearings on the spring guide or the piston head.
  8. Alright, I was wrong. At first fixing the spring guide alignment worked then seemingly overnight the gun decided its time to jam again... Now the gun will cycle all the way until the last turn to actually surpass the last tooth on the piston, I can still manually turn the bevel gear the last turn past the anti-reversal latch and it will cycle. I'm so confused now...
  9. I love you, It has been a total of five weeks now of me trying to re-shim and re-position all parts on the gearbox when, in fact, it turns out that the spring guide was in fact not seated and thus cause a lock up, I apologize for this over sight but I thank you greatly for bringing it to my attention- Much love <3!
  10. So, I have this G&G SRXL fully stock, and somehow not working fully. I have a 9.6v 1600mah NiMh battery to power the G&G ETU and MOSFET package, (which was replaced after one burned out) and a Matrix 3000 motor- only real modification. The gun worked perfectly out of the box, but I wanted to shim and make it silenced. So, I epoxied the bushings in with JB weld and perfectly shimmed the gears- they spin perfectly free without the spring, tappet, and piston and such in. The motor spins them perfectly free and almost perfectly silent. Now, however, when I have the firing set up in (spring piston and such) with the gearbox fully assembled, perfect motor height, and shim job. The gun only cycles half way and stops. The motor tries to turn the gears but fails and makes an audible "tick" as I pull the trigger trying to push the stuck gears. Although I can manually spin the gears with a flat head and fully cycle the gun. I have been told its not the battery and the motor is definitely powerful enough to spin the gear set, whats wrong?
  11. FIXED!!!! Im so stupid guys.... I tightened the buffer screw and re-adjusted the motor height again and IT WORKED, I'm sorry I apparently didn't check that right haha. Thank you all so much for the help!
  12. okay Done the gears and motor work great together! no problems there...
  13. I have now opened the gearbox! I may have found the problem, the spring is bent somehow. However the spring guide is completely fine. Is this the problem? If so how can I fix this? I do have a spare spring but its not as powerful as this one, should I just get a new one or is there a way to fix this? or is it even the problem? Here are the pictures of my gearbox: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7AkzqcG7FGiM2dxR0dUcFVVUk0
  14. The pistol grip is definitely correctly aligned and does not touch the receiver when the buffer screw is tightened. As for the motor height, that has also been correctly aligned. I will be disassembling the gearbox today and checking the spring guide's alignment. The shimming, however, I have checked and it is not tight, when the gearbox is full screwed in the gear spin freely. Also as I just found out, With the buffer screw tightly fastened, motor grip and motor off, I can manually turn the bevel gear about 1/4 turn before it getting stuck and I am unable to turn it- very strange :/
  15. The mosfet light codes: Indicator light on the MOSFET will flash twice in every 5 seconds when sector gear is in incorrect position. Check Indicator light first before opening up the gearbox when the gun is firing more than one BBs in semi-auto mode or motor stops running. Also, there should not be any unusual wear on the spring guide for it is fairly brand new. As would I
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