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  1. That's a long time beetwen your replies and moment that I write this post... To this moment I have this problem. I tried to replace all stock parts except spring and problem is still happening. In one hop up chamber BB's don't even shoot (jam sound + double shooting), and on other one BB's are shooting, but one ball goes left, one right, one straight... that's just horrible. I tried 4 different hop up chambers, 4 different buckings, 3 different barrels, 3 different nozzles and problem is still happening. Alignment of barrel-gearbox is good too. Now I have no idea what's happening.
  2. Hello! Actually I have problem which I just can't solve for 2 weeks... After tuning of my new A&K SR25 (changing inner parts) my rifle is often shooting improperly (BB's are flying wherever they want) with different sound from these when BB's are flying straight. First of all, I've got nozzle from Pro-Tech (bad polish ASG brand) and some guy which work in service said that nozzle is fitted bad in cylinder and spring from magazines is pushing too much so nozzle can't deal enough power to kick BB's from barrel - he adviced me to spray on nozzle with grease and after doing that my SR25 shot well for a short time. I decided to buy new highly recommended nozzle for SR25 - Deep Fire AUG nozzle... but problem is still happening... I've got 2 mid-caps from A&K and 1 hi-cap from also A&K (this one worked great before tuning). Also I used different brands of BB's. Changed parts: - silent piston and cylinder set from Systema, - SHS high speed gears for SR25, - Deep Fire AUG nozzle, - SP140 Guarder, - King's Arms chamber, - Systema black bucking. If my english is a bit bad, I'm sorry cuz I'm still learning ;)
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