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  1. im not from the uk but know about the ukara vcra coloured gun thing , why havent you signed up to it already ? I belive you just need to play 3 games then your allowed to buy a RIF, idd do that if I was you, screw having to buy a brightly coloured gun unless thats your thing.. , also im 99.9% sure you could just buy a second hand RIF and use it with no problems what so ever , iv used my rifs in the uk with no sites asking me for a ukara number, im fairly certain its just for retailers selling new guns, with that in mind check this site , maybe one of these guys is local too you , some good deals to be had http://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?149-Electric-Rifles-amp-SMG-s
  2. had to pull my trousers off in the safezone as a smoke grenade striker had set the smoke off in my pocket and was burning the crap outa me,
  3. when I first started airsoft I had a marui g3 sg1 and mc51 , both performed flawlessly with no problems through out my ownership , only downsides for me were the plastic bodys , otherwise great reliable guns...
  4. im an old school airsofter , back then we just shot people no matter what range with courtesy, please don't take offence to this but its just my opionion on seeing this ,,this saftey kills looks like a cheap way of getting in behind enemy lines , especially when your casually walking like if your dead or on there team and wispering "bang bang" , the first 2 kills fair enough you had them dead to rights no argument there but that 3rd kill? just casually walking on up , gun probably not even raised , you should of shot him but you knew if you did then the rest of the team would of been on alert.. , same if you had shot the first two then maybe the 3rd guy would of been on alert , so is this a regular style of play now? just curious , don't agree with it but if this is legit now then so be it...
  5. my old pinion has a grub screw and the new one is just press fit , does this matter at all in relation to swapping them over? thanks...
  6. im not that big of a fan of the m4/16 mainly due to there popularity, im a H&K G3 and AK person , cant really think of any reason to choose an M4 over any other model, I would say there are a lot of kits/parts out for the m4 where you could easily change the front end for CQB or DMR style but you can also do that with other models so idk,
  7. Hi guys, just installed a new lonex a1 motor into my cyma aku and I cant seem to adjust the motor height right , its not overly schreechy {when the motor heights deffo out} but it feels like its schreechy abit which I cant seem to shake no matter how I adjust it , started with adjustment screw out then slowly moved in as I shot , cant seem to find the sweet spot , As this motor came with its own pinion gear installed already im guessing that it needs to wear in to match the bevel gear? if so how long does this normally take? would I be better off removing my old pinion and swappng them over? , thanks.....
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