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  1. I have the G&G SRXL but be willing to put time into fixing up the inners
  2. I have the G&G SRXL and I havent done it myself buy with a good inner barrel and a good piston head you would get some good range. But a DMR is supposed to go for only safe and semi so if you can find a rifle that only has those two options, there's your winner.
  3. I have owned my G&G SRXL for about a year now and honestly I love it. I have upgraded the inner barrel, the Air seal nozzle and the hop up bucking and nub. The gun stock is amazing but in my team I have a player with a Krytac and it sounds very crisp and shoot straight like an arrow. If you have the money go for the Krytac. I love my SRXL but I really appreciate everything Krytac does with their rifles.
  4. I have been playing Airsoft for about 4 years now and I honestly loved the sport in the beginning. being able to get a Call of Duty play style better than anywhere else, but as I got older the want to run and spray went down and the want to survive and complete an objective went up. I now play very strategically by mapping out the map for me and my team (which I'm the commander of a small team in South Fl) and setting up the map into quadrants and pushing the locations and the call outs down my teams throats. My brother-in-law is the most recent member and him having over 6 years of Military experience, he has helped the survival rate of the other members by always reminding them in videos of how they could have gotten shot and how it should have been done. Me and him practice on a daily basis how to clear buildings (the house) and we have become a fluid motion in the stream of chaos as what airsoft is. A local indoor field is childs play to us due to the fact that we have perfected room clearing and calling out locations of enemies to other team members. Military is my desire, and I want to end up joining the ranks of many of you men with the respect you deserve and the love this country should be giving you. I 100% understand what you mean by team player. I always make sure my guys are not getting sprayed down and that they always have an eye out for each other. I am very picky on who I let join my team since I don't want just some kid to run around and spray at everything. I want a member that knows his 11:00 and his 4:00, I want a member that when receives orders, does it without any comment back. You have dedicated a lot of time and effort into your team. If I lived by you I would definitely read those 38 pages of information. I would have honestly respected to have served under you. Leaders that push up with the infantry are ones that are worth more than a damn.
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