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  1. Thank you!! I got the compatibility all worked out, they are bith the same although the F1 can fit in a few more guns but I don't think I will ever own one of those guns. OK, next question! What makes one a clear winner over the other one ? I am leaning towards the Jack because I don't need to worry about the different color nozzles to adjust FPS and also the jack is a little bit cheaper and easier to come by for me here in Canada. Should I get the F1 over the Jack or is the differences so marginal that it don't really matter ?
  2. I am looking to make an M4/M16 DMR I am a bit confused when it comes to the differences between the F1 and the Jack. I do understand that the F1 works different than the Jack and the the F1 is the better of the two but my question is about compatibility with different guns. I also understand that there are different nozzles that you can replace for different guns. Are there different versions of these two for different gearboxes ? Can I buy lets say a jack for my M4 v2 gearbox and then replace the nozzle to make it work on a version 3 gearbox for a G36 ? or do I need to buy a new unit made specifically for a version 3 gearbox? Same question about the F1 .... For instance here... what is the difference between the Polarstar that says M249, the one that says AK and the one that says M4 ?? Is it just the nozzle that is different ? or are there more differences which would make them not compatible with other guns ? Also, are there two different Polarstar F1 's on the market ? Some websites states its a Polarstar F1 V2 and others don't mention the V2 I am trying to figure out if I should buy the F1 or the Jack. I don't think I really NEED the F1 since I am planning to use this in a DMR and lock it for Semi only.... but I would like to know which one is better if I decide to buy a new gun (whatever it may be) and then move the Polerstar to that gun.
  3. I am looking for a new gun and I want it to be something different. I really don't want another M4 / M16 I found the Echo 1 MTC 3. I really like the look and I love that it can take M4 magazines and that the battery is in the stock and not the hand guard like in the G36. Anybody here that owns one of these ? What is your take on this gun? I want to be able to shoot at least 380FPS but would prefer 390 to 400. Do I need to upgrade everything in the gearbox or would a spring swap with a better motor be enough ? Here in Canada its a $400 with the taxes.
  4. What do you guys think about this Gearbox ? Matrix M150 rated for up to 550FPS, I would obviously change the spring to shoot 450FPS. Will this hold up ?? Here are the specs: Matrix / AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearbox Set for M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG (Monster Torque) - Wiring to the Back / Stock *Motor Not Included / Sold Separately. Recommended Matrix Magnum Motor. Manufacturer: Matrix Tactical Systems. OEM: AIM. Matrix is the exclusive US Distributor for AIM Products. Compatibility: Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, Echo1, JG, G&G, G&P, Echo1, DBOY, SRC, A&K, KWA and compatible models. Modification might be required for certain brands. Matrix Tactical Systems Gearbox Models : Available in Monster Torque and Tornado High speed. Front wire and rear wire. Specifications: - Systema / G&P / Classic Army Type 8mm Enhanced "Thick Type" Mecha Box Shell. - M150 Spring. Velocity out put for this gearbox is around 480~550 FPS. - Low Resistance / High Capacity / High conductivity / Wire & switch assembly Set. - High Grade 8mm Metal Bearing Set Installed. Providing enhanced stability over the 6mm and 7mm gearboxes - Ball bearing CNC Stainless metal spring guide. - Matrix Ultra High Performance High Speed Piston with Metal full teeth strip. - CNC Stainless Steel Cylinder Head. - Reinforced Silent Polycarbonate Piston Head. - Steel Gear Set - Reinforced Nylon Smooth Selector plate and tappet plate. - Reinforced Ball Bearing Polycarbonate Piston Head. - Reinforced Matrix Monster (Torque Up) Gear set Installed. http://www.evike.com/products/30443/
  5. I have a few primaries, I bought this one with the sole purpose of converting it to a DMR Are JG gearboxes strong enough to handle 450 FPS ?
  6. What would be my best option for a new gearbox ?
  7. Thanks! Airbornes101 Mods ? I cant find anything about that on this Forum search or on google. :{ What does that entail ?
  8. after more investigation I found out its an A&K This will be a long range gun for the summer months only. (Huge very open field they only play in the summer)
  9. I got some advice from friends, I am going to replace everything inside and I was told that I need to replace my stock gearbox with a Lonex SP140. The problem is that I can not find anybody in Canada that has one of these in stock. What would be my next option for a drop in gearbox for me to shoot at 450FPS in my DMR ? I would prefer not to buy only the shell and then build the entire gearbox since it will probably cost me over $100 more.
  10. Thanks for all the info so far!!! So I opened up my gearbox to clean it out because the gun was very loud, once inside I saw all the gears had A&K marking on them .... so I guess my gun is not a CYMA but A&K, don't know if that makes any difference or if these guns are made in the same factory? There are no marking on the outside of the gun at all.
  11. I recently bought a used CYMA Full Metal M16A4 RIS DMR The gun seems very loud and even though its suppose to shoot at 430FPS (according to the manufacturer) it does not get the same reach as my M4 that shoots at 350FPS My BB's also seems to curve really bad and accuracy is super bad. I am assuming either something is wrong or the inside parts are just bad quality. I think my best option is to replace as much of the insides as possible to get my DMR to be the best that it can be. Full Metal V2 gearbox with a 509mm 6.05 copper barrel. I have spend hours trying to find what parts are the best to upgrade my DMR but for every website I find that says this and this parts are the best I find one that says those parts are garbage and to stay away from... so I am completely lost. Please help me with what are the best parts to replace with. I am looking for long range accuracy as I would be playing as a sniper in full ghillie suit with this DMR with other weapons for close combat. I am assuming the first thing to replace would be the barrel and hop up but again I cant even find a website that can give me a definite answer on if it should be a tight bore or wide bore barrel. I will also modify the gun to shoot Semi only so I am looking to be able to shoot at 450 FPS Thank you!
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