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  1. Falcon makes an inner barrel for the tm g18c gbb. It comes in 2 types. One with a blue rubber that is a non hop up version. And one with a green rubber that is a hop up version. Whats the difference? Which is better?
  2. One falcon inner barrel says with hop up version rubber... The other says falcon inner barrel with non hop up version rubber. Whats the difference. Both barrels have a rubber. Which one is better?
  3. Another thing I noticed is that my charging handle moves..alot... Enough to the point it gets stuck against the carrier frame? Any help?
  4. I checked and my unit is fine. However on close inspection my nozzle has a chip where it feeds the bb from the magazine. Im new to gbb guns. Ive always done aeg. But getting into milsim.
  5. Im looking to get a new inner barrel for my TM G18c gbb. The Falcon barrel has 2 versions.... A hop up version and a non hop up version... Whats the difference?
  6. All of a sudden my WE Scar 17 gbbr wont fire. I pull the trigger and it clicks and all the gas blows out the magazine. I looked online and what ive read says something about the magazine being loose and misfiring. My magazine however is still tight. Any thoughts would b helpfulm
  7. I have a tokyo marui g18c gbb pistol and a we scar h mk17 gbbr. Whats the best weight bb to use for both fps and accuracy? I have not upgraded parts yet but plan on it soon. Any suggestion?
  8. Has anyone tried CAR system training in airsoft matches? Ans if so was it helpful?
  9. I was never a fan of glocks cuz of how they looked in pictures. But I bought a tokyo marui g18c gbb and I am a total convert.
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