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  1. for anyone else with this rifle, see this list, it's amazing, answered all my questions concerning this rifle. http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/44-others/3172-echo-1-asr-knowledge-compendium.html
  2. So what's the solution? Is there a company that makes Well upgrades? I've seen other people upgrade their echo1 ASR with APS2 parts so I know it's not impossible to upgrade this platform. Just need to know what parts to look for and whether or not I need to go get a refund on these parts.
  3. I have an Echo1 ASR. had it for a while and decided to take the first step in purchasable upgrades by buying an M170 spring and Action Army VSR-10 spring guide and piston (per suggestion by the shop keeper) the problem is after disassembling the rifle I noticed the spring guide wouldn't fit the cylinder, it's to wide. is there a compatibility issue that should have been known by me or the shopkeep? or am I missing something? TLDR gun: ECHO1 ASR parts: Action Army VSR-10 spring guide, piston, and M170 spring problem: guide and piston to wide for cylinder.
  4. Anyone here in Vegas? Trying to find good places and people to play with. (so far all I see is combat zone and Las Vegas Premiere Paintball)
  5. NOTE: after much more extensive research I've finally found other people getting this question answered in more ways, and just wanted to add to the pro/cons and differences. So far it seems agreed upon that spring has a payoff of more consistency, accuracy, and reliability over all (less parts to worry about breaking) even though a bolt hpa or semi hpa DMR can actually out range it. Another pro of spring is most fields seem to allow for a higher muzzle velocity on spring than that of hpa guns, so unless the limits on the field or event are different spring actually is the way to go for range as well as accuracy. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But at this point I guess the original replies were "right", they just need context of research and experience behind them explained for new people. I.e. The differences in performance as far as accuracy va range, and the fact that after all upgrades those differences are more based on feel, budget, weight, reliability, roleplaying, and only then small differences in accuracy and range Feel: get what you want Budget: both expensive, but spring cheaper in the long run. Weight: spring lighter by a few pounds Reliability: spring with less parts to break Roleplaying: them feels man Range:HPA accuracy:spring Ease of use: HPA isn't racking super springs manually Noise: spring is quieter Did I miss anything? Please add or refine this list as you see fit so another starter sniper can stumble upon it and get the same info.
  6. This is exactly what I was like looking for. Thank you! :) I guess with this new information I have only one more question. Should I invest in fully upgrading this gun? Look for a better platform to fully invest in? Or practice with this gun and instead invest towards the HPA platforms? With budget being of no concern I'm definitely looking for that one shot one kill feel, but that desire is overshadowed by the desire to outrange and out accuracy everyone on the field while staying legal. (Not really familiar yet with different games and events, so don't know where I'd be playing and what the limits would be)
  7. I am definitely happy :) I don't care what others think I'm more interested in the hard pros and cons. is there no viable reason to get a bolt action other than the feel? (I"m repeating myself from the above reply, but yeah, not sure if I"m finding misinformation but I'm currently under the impression that HPA is handicapped and limited to give the range and accuracy advantage to bolt action. please correct me if I'm wrong on that) and thank you guys for replying so quickly! you're awesome :D
  8. 1) so you're saying it IS pay to win? 2) money isn't an issue, per se, I"m wondering why invest the money into a sniper rifle over an HPA OTHER than feel 3) I know everyone says avoid jumping into the sniper role, but I'm already used to the role, it's getting a gun that fits the role that's key 4)like I said, I love the feel, but I'm asking for objective facts over subjectivity. I already love the gun, there's no remorse there. I"m asking retroactively, if everyone had the funds, why would anyone buy anything else? (I'm kinda fishing for reasons to buy a bolt action that are hard fact instead of feel. I.e. from the digging I've done since I first posted this I've found that sanctioned ruled allow for bolt action to exceed the HPA in fps, so theoretically outranged in non private games?)
  9. So I'm PRETTY sure this is where I"m supposed to post this kind of question, but if I'm wrong I apologize. basically after getting my Echo1 ASR I've been feeling slight twinges of buyers remorse. not because I don't like my gun, in fact I LOVE it, it's that as I delve deeper into the world of airsoft I've stumbled across HPA guns. my question is simply this, why would you ever get anything OTHER than these guns? they seem (granted from a newbies perspective) overpowered almost. Why would anyone wanting to be a sniper ever get a bolt action when the same range and accuracy can be acquired from an auto/semi rifle? just feeling a little bit like I made the wrong investment, and that this game's a "pay to win" sorta deal. *DISCLAIMER this is my opinion and perspective as an entirely new player with an equally limited range of experience. if I'm wrong on these things PLEASE feel free to correct me. I would love for some clarification, just please be gentle with the corrections :P TLDR -why get a bolt action when HPA out ranges and out shoots them?? -is this a pay to win scenario? -am I even in the right section for these questions? -clarification on sanctioned rules or other things (pros/cons, stats, hard facts instead of "the feel of the gun") to justify bolt action over HPA
  10. hello hello hello everyone! not really comfortable JUST yet with posting my real name on here, so for now I'll go by my screenname, and I guess now callsign, of Knightmusic. I'm extremely new to the actual hobby of airsoft (up until last Friday all I had was a spring handgun that's one shot per pull back which was a gift 8 years ago). I'm mostly a pc gamer, but I love to get out whenever I have friends to be out and about with. really looking forward to one day joining you guys on the fields instead of just visiting the local range. I just got myself an Echo1 ASR, and my fiance an Echo1 Troy, and we've been having a blast at the range with it. mostly just looking to put out my feelers into the community and find the nice people, hopefully avoid the toxic ones as much as possible, and generally try to have fun with the new and veteran players in this community. hope this intro wasn't to long winded! gonna go explore the rest of the forums now and try to find where to post questions I have about guns (wouldn't mind being pointed in the right direction if anyone would spare the time either :P)
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