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  1. Hi Guges, After doing a bit more research it seems like you're right that the 6mm paintballs are extremely inconsistent and breakable. Have you ever tried the Game Face Verdict marker bb's, or heard anything about them? These are similar to the videos you linked and seem like they might be able to do the job. Would they leave a visible mark on a dark surface? Thanks
  2. Hi airborne101, thanks for the reply. We've also taken a look at 6mm paintballs (Hellfire 6mm paintballs), but it looks like they're discontinued? Has anyone had any luck with similar 6mm paintballs shot using an airsoft gun? Are there any other ways to use regular airsoft pellets covered in paint or lead or similar in order to leave a mark when they strike a surface? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply Guges! Out of the four linked above, only the Lonex is listed as 8mm, but the other three I can't really tell as I'm not experienced. Are the other three links 6mm guns? Do you have any suggestions for 8mm gearboxes that might have enough power for me? Thanks so much.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to use an airsoft spring-powered gun to shoot 43cal paintballs (11mm, ~0.7g). I have the means of machining some parts (barrel + hopper mechanism), but wouldn't want them to be too complicated. We also don't need much range and don't need the typical 300-400fps speeds. Likely ~100fps would be sufficient. Some of my questions: 1. Would this be a reasonable modification and would there be enough power in a typical airsoft gun to propel a paintball of the above specs? 2. What are the strongest springs that can be put into a typical airsoft gun, and would that significantly increase the power? 3. How difficult would it be to manufacture a custom barrel (11mm diameter) and have that work with a typical airsoft upper gearbox? I.e. what's important to ensure the ball gets propelled correctly? 4. Has anyone ever heard of anyone doing something similar, I.e. using a spring-powered gun for shooting paintballs? I don't know much about airsoft or paintball to begin with, so if there's any more information that would be helpful to answer these questions, please let me know. Here are some of the gearboxes I was looking at for reference: Lonex 8mm Enhanced Bearing AEG Gearbox Ver.3 ICS M4 Bore Up Complete Upper Gearbox for ICS M4 D Boy OEM Complete AK v3 Gearbox CYMA Complete Version 3 AK Full Metal Gearbox w/ High Torque Motor If there are any other sites to be looking at for gearboxes, please let me know. Thanks!
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