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  1. I thank for for the help, but I fixed it. It was nearly half of the grip that was blocking it from seating properly
  2. I am Trying to put my gun together, it is mostly from scratch and this is my first time building a gun. I am trying to attach my motor grip to the GB, And I noticed there is a gap, about an eighth of an inch between the grip and the GB itself. Is this normal? I already Tried dremeling one of my old motor grips to see if it would fit and it wouldn't. I am using a G&P Standard Receiver. Any comments or help would be appreciated. Edit- The grip I am trying to use is a Madbull Fully Licensed Strike Industries Polymer EPG Motor Grip for M4 Airsoft AEGs - BlackFrom Evike. However both my other stock grip and my new one have a gap, but this new grip doesn't align very well with the holes.
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