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  1. Hey everyone. My name is Jason, but in the airsoft world I go by my team callsign, Chief. At 37, I'm quite a bit older than the average airsofter. In fact, I was 33 when I started; so I'm pretty late to the game. I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I served for 6 years as an electronics technician and was stationed aboard the Spruance-Class destroyer USS Paul F Foster, where I maintained several communications, radar, display and computer systems. My interest in airsoft stemmed from paintball. Having played mostly woodland-related games like capture the flag and domination, I found speedball very unsatisfying. I eventually lost interest in paintball due to the guns and gear, and their lack of realism. I had heard of airsoft in the past, but nothing beyond the guns offered at big box retailers like Walmart. I wrote airsoft off as a kids' hobby; that is until I saw a display at a mall near my home from a local airsoft CQB arena. The guns on display looked real, and that drew me over. After some research, I quickly discovered milsim, and was immediately hooked. I have been playing since early 2013 and still love it. I am currently running a custom M4A1 AEG (seen in my profile pic) that started out life as a Lancer Tactical LT-04B, though the only thing remaining from the LT is the gearbox shell, screws, springs and the inner barrel. Everything else has been replaced. I am currently building up a special HPA setup. It will be an M4A1, Mk18 mod 0, and a Mk12 Mod 1 when it is complete. It will have one lower receiver with three interchangeable upper receivers, to be swapped out based on how I plan on playing that session. The Mk18 mod 0 will be the first upper built. My team, Springfield Tactical Airsoft Regiment (STAR) was started in early 2013 with only three members. Today, we have over 10 full members and a handful of candidates and prospects. We are primarily based out of Springfield, IL, but have a second division in the Chicago area. We try to meet at least once a month for training/meetings. Currently, we train in a former elementary school now privately owned by a friend of the team. I have also taken up teching, repairing and upgrading of AEGs. I started a small teching service called Blacklisted Airsoft Teching Services. This small service evolved from working on a couple of teammates' guns. It was suggested that I would do well working on other airsofters' guns, so I started small by taking on a few more in-depth projects and documenting them in order to gain experience and share them with potential future clients. My goal with this service is to provide quality teching services at affordable prices, so that even the most budget-minded airsoft player can compete with people who sink hundreds, if not thousands, into their guns. STAR Website: http://springfieldtactical.webs.com/ Blacklisted Website: http://blacklistedairsoft.webs.com/
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