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  1. Here are some pictures of both guns- https://imgur.com/gallery/JGiNp Hi, I'm selling my VFC Scar H STD (tan), The gun has only been fielded once and is in amazing condition! It also comes with a metal black scar type flash hider, fore grip, original magazine (no wear), original box. Shoots 360-370 with .2's. 300$ I'm selling my ICS- Uk1. It's been fielded once, it's in perfect condition. It comes with the original box and instructions, the original bag of bbs (never used), keymod rails, fuses, unjamming rod, magazine, and a barrel extension. It's also electric blowback. It's chrono's at 375 with .25g bbs. 250$ Thanks for your interest in my ad! If any questions or if you would like pictures just ask me!
  2. Its the standard length, so it's the longer one. If your wanting the shorter one you can buy a different extension on evike for like 20$.
  3. I have a VFC Scar H STD (tan) almost brand new, no scratches, no wear. It comes with a black scar style flash hider, fore grip, original magazine( no wear), and the original box. 300$ for all text me at 813-777-1476 if interested
  4. I'm getting a WE Tech m4a1 carbine, and I don't know which length Angel custom barrel I should get? I was either going to with - #1. Angel custom g2 6.01 tight bore 470mm OR #2. Angel custom g2 6.01 tight bore 636mm ? I don't know if the longer barrel will be better and give me higher fps or will the normal size one be better? Thanks
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