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  1. Ok seems to me these points are preventing me from getting a GBB: -Price of gun and mags (but you get more realism in the design and more quality correct?) -30-70 round mags (I don't mind this because it adds more realism but at least with ERG you have the option of 30rd mags or high capacity mags) -Gas doesn't preform well in the cold (from what I gather they start sucking under 10c depending on the setup. Vancouver's climate drops under 10c for at least 3 months out of the year. But that's usually the time I switch to skiing. We also have a indoor airsoft facility close by so I can switch to CQB in the winter.) -In terms of maintenance I don't mind learning and researching how to properly maintain a GBB, thats part of the fun for me. -Skirmishing off against AEGs with high caps in the bush and people that spray and pray would suck so really GBBs are only good for milsim games, indoor CQB during the winter or games where ammo is locked. So that said at least with a ERG I have more options in terms of type of gameplay and competitiveness with other AEG's. Looks like I am leaning towards the KWA RM4 ERG as my first rifle. As much as I like the realism of GBBRs a ERG is just more versatile and adding that extra OPTIONAL of bolt-lock with 30/60rd mags or no bolt-lock with high cap mags. With a bit of a recoil kick that can be customizable to add even more of a kick.
  2. Interesting, never heard of a PTW system. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Any suggestions? I've never shot a AEG or a GBB all I know is I want realism and reliability. What would I be losing if I went with GBB over AEG? Just having to deal with gas?
  3. Hey guys, I recently caught the airsoft bug.. again. I've been always interested in airsoft since its humble beginnings in my area. I am happy to report that all my paintball fields in my area now have airsoft days! Boy has airsoft come along way in the past decade. I am very interested in customization, realism, so all metal, authentic looking, reliability, sounds good, shoots far and accurate, recoil or some kind of blowblack. My gun of choice would be a M4. Tactical and customizable as possible. Some suggestion I have found from other posts: KWA RM4A1 Electric Recoil Gun $375.00 CAD I love this guns feature set: having the lock bolt function when you run out of BB's is so appealing to me because it adds so much realism. Also to be able to select 30 BB's or 60 BB shots per mag makes me happy too and the icing on the cake is you can use regular mags as well. A very hard contender imo, anyone have any experience or second hand opinions of this gun? BOLT M4 Bolt Recoil Shock System $549.00 CAD No bolt-lock functionality but apparently has satisfying 'recoil' G&P M4 GP-FRS001 Free Float Recoil System Gun $337.20 CAD Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD $729.00 CAD Tokyo Marui TM-M4A1-SOCOM Recoil Shock $729.00 CAD Like the KWA ERG M4 these guns also has the lock-bolt function and a selectable 30 rounds or 82. But holy crap these guns sound great in full auto! GBLS DAS M4A1 $1000+ CAD Shell Eject and feature a bolt lock functionality. TOP M4A1 EBBR $750+ CAD Shell Eject and feature a bolt lock functionality. The BO-Dynamics/Lonex BAW-R $360-450 CAD Kicks a lot like a GBBR but it does not feature a bolt lock/release. Lonex Recoil M4 Lancer Tactical MMC $296.95 CAD Lancer Tactical MMC is just a rebrand of the BO-Dynamics/Lonex BAW-R. Looks like it has comparable recoil to a gbbr, more than a STOCK Tippman M4 from what users and youtubers have said. http://www.torontoairsoft.com/Lancer-Tactical-MULTI-MISSION-CARBINE-COLOR-TAN-BLACK-145-INCH-BARREL_p_4571.html G&D DTW M4 PTW clone. Bolt vs KWA vs Lonex vs Tokyo Marui Recoil Systems That is all I could find for now, if anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears. I should be only spending $350 but if I have to spend $450-$500 I will, I might look for one used. Please I would love to hear opinions on these rifles. Thanks guys!
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