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  1. As the title said. Haven't used it for quite a while, gonna need tuning/maintenance, but it works. Come with a scope. Forgot the fps, but I usually play in small to medium sized field. PDI build: Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set HD New Trigger 2 + Piston end 01 Inner barrel 430mm 130 Spring (I may have a stronger spring for backup) *VSR ordered from Echigoya *Parts are all from X-fire.org (can price check or site rep) Taking offers for now, but no trades.
  2. *Not for looking trades. Price update: $350 + shipping
  3. Last check, it was around 350 - 370 fps. It's been upgraded Internally and I only used high quality parts from eagle6. Converted to lipo, although I'm not the best at soldering, could be better. Will also include lipo charger. Got it last year from echigoya, sadly had to quit due to some stuff going on in my life right now. List: 6.03 prometheus EG 363mm inner barrel Laylax flat hop nub M100 Eagle6 spring custom made for recoil shock Laylax EG spring guide Laylax air nozzle Laylax Aero cylinder head Laylax POM piston head Magicbox steel bushing Laylax cylinder type-c Laylax shim set Laylax hard piston Laylax hard tappet plate Almost all the parts are TM scar specific. 2 scar TM recoil shock mid caps 1 hk416 TM high caps If you need any more info message me. Currently not working,but I'm sure it's a cheap/easy fix. I don't have time nor do I remember how to fix it anymore. No response when triggered, no whirring, nothing. Could be wiring problems or trigger contacts. I've already packed everything. With all the parts listed,definitely a steal. Packed and ready to ship. Asking $400+shipping
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