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  1. Hi eveyone. Looking to pickup an AK 74 U I'm currently in Canada, so note my limited options and price comparisons. Ideally, I'm perfectly fine with the CYMA 045A.. but after black friday nobody has stock left. They were going for 250 on sale... which isn't exactly cheap, for an extra 100-175 dollars I can pick up one of the higher end offering. so I started researching the higher end options and it's been really tough. I've been looking through american and russian youtube reviews and everyone has something to say about each individually but very few real comparisons. at this time I can get the following locally E&L, AKS74U, gen 2, $425 LCT, AK74U, $400 G&G, GK74U, $350 now.. everyone swears by LCT.. excellent externals, good (but nothing special) internals, lots of spare parts and compatibility.... BUT, from what I understand/read/listened: E&L gen2s have the better externals, and one small but apparently notable component is that the slide lever is one piece, while it's welded on the LCT (and prone to bending/snapping) and again, the gen2 specifically have higher quality internals and qc over their previous gen1 counterparts which were hit and miss furthermore, one russian reviewer pointed out that taking apart the E&L is easier, as the LCT has hard to reach allen screws hidden deep inside/behind the top cover G&G everyone seems to **** on G&G for their latest innovations and proprietary parts, but the GK74U unit in particular doesn't have these parts. It uses a regular stick battery in the gas chamber and has no electric blow back feature. it uses LCT externals and G&G internals. The internals are nothing special, but supposedly the QC on them is fantastic, shimmed out of the box, shoots straight, nice trigger feel, etc another bonus for me, is that I'm planning on playing a lot of CQB, this gun apparently shoots soft out of the box, which means I save on changing the spring compared to the E&L and LCT (15 bucks is 15 bucks) the only two issues I've read form users of this gun is that the fuse is in a ****** position and you really gotta get creative when putting the battery back in and... well maybe not a negative but the magazine is somewhat proprietary, but in a good way (metal clips and no need for a spacer) the only concern I have regarding the magazine is that I don't like hicaps and so will have to buy G&G mags if I want to switch it out (also no metal mags from g&g for this gun as far as I understand it) I'm reaaaallly leaning towards the G&G, for it's the cheapest and yet delivers everything the rest do. And also because everyone that praises LCT seems to do it in a very enthusiastic manner while putting down the competition... I've been around long enough to know that when people talk like that.. they're biased. There's only one in-depth review of the G&G by a redditor but it's on the carbine. otherwise everyone clowns on G&G and doens't consider them that good, but from what I gather they're complaining about all the other, older models. I'd love to hear more opinions or, preferably, technical facts from people so I can finally settle this and make my purchase thank you
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