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  1. I live I haiti (as a missionary kid) and am going back Thursday for a break. ad ok thanks just hope every thing turns out right. :)
  2. hey I was recetly given my older brothers airsoft rifle (his going into the army).so I was wondering if I need to declare it as a firearm and also if it has to be in a gun case? idk if this is important but ist a full metal m4 model? any ad all help is appreciated. :)
  3. actually ow about this one http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10137-cyma-m14-ebr-airsoft-aeg-rifle-cyma-cm032ebr-b-vpower.aspx
  4. I like mk14 ebr models so is this gun worth it (like is it good/durable) http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/12901-jg-airsoft-m14-aeg-tactical-ebr-full-metal-rifle-crane-stock-black.aspx
  5. ok this to lol, will a p311 stinger scratch it lol
  6. lol thanks and if it does get scratched I bet polish will fix it :)
  7. ok how about this will a .12 or .20 bb scratch the lens at 200_400 fps
  8. thank for the help but how high fps will scratch the temperd glass
  9. hi I just got a gopro and I was wondering if the housings lens gets shot will it scratch or shatter(if so what fps). any help is appreciated. thanks.
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