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  1. Still selling the gas rifle (second one from top)
  2. Evike for the bolt and charging handle. I can make you a hi cap hpa dual mag for you. And I know they sell the stock idk were ( check evike)
  3. I'll offer 160 for the TM HI CAPA 5.1 and Madbull Gemtech QD mock suppressor
  4. Hey did that r-hop work OK good for your scar. I was gonna try on my mk 16
  5. It's the feed lip on your air nozzle that "chip" makes your nozzle useless just get a new one she'll be good to go btw that happens because on your mag were the nozzle hits the step like bump behind the mag feed lips get a Dremel and trim that down some about 1/8 no more than a quarter inch last get some electrical tape and super glue put 2 or 3 pieces in the back of your mag well (evike has all the parts even the parts for your gas mag if you Dremel to far into them)
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