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  1. Also if anybody knows I run a Mesh Mask with Desert Revision Locust Goggles and they tend to fog even without the foam, If you have any goggles you think might work better please let me know. Again any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. So I was wondering which L85 I should get for CQB. It needs to shoot at 350 fps or below with .20g From what I've seen, have a few options The Army Full Steel Metal Body L85A1 and the ICS L85 Carbine But, I am also wondering if it is worth the money to get this Custom Evike l85 http://www.evike.com/products/28380/ Weight and cost are not an issue as long as it isn't over $350 again it needs to shoot below 350 FPS. I'm thinking the ICS Carbine because it has the adjustable spring system and I can lower it to the fps I need but Then again I would also like the Evike custom one but I do not know if it is adjustable like the ICS is. Thank you for helping
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