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  1. Anyone have any experience with these? I have also watched every video I can find and together with my Chinese directions for an AK74, I am still a little in the dark about a few things. When I pull the bolt back, that wheel is the hop up adjust, right? Is about 150' standard for a stock AEG? I gave my girlfriends son a G&P M14 and it shoots like 210' with a good group stock. I was going to focus on being below 400 and using it indoors anyway I plan on using this as my urban CQB DMR if it shoots under 400 (will check tomorrow) so I want a TBB right? Like below 6.04? It is advertised as taking SVD magazines they must mean AEG SVD magazines because nothing from my springer fits How easy are these to upgrade? I absolutely love the bull pup configuration so I will look past many flaws to make this a good DMR I just have no experience upgrading AEGs. Many thanks. Cheers.
  2. I served in OIF and I have recently realized how much I love Air soft. I have built up a few awesome KWA GBB pistols for which I have real steel counterparts as well as a few BASRs and now a new AEG DMR. I am teaching a few of my friends CQC / MOUT (I spent my deployment savings training with the best on the civilian side) and I love the realism airsoft presents at these ranges. Cheers mates.
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