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  1. Final price drop. This stuff is cross posted on other sites. $550 shipped for all of them. PayPal only
  2. I will assume you are doing the exact same filling the magazine routine as before. Green gas or propane? What leads you to believe excessive gas being released? With just the slide on and no barrel or recoil guide rod assembly in place, does the slide track smoothly when moving it fully to the rear and forwards? The nozzle assembly. Good spring tension on it? How about checking the gas release valve striker in the frame. Is it hanging up or does it return after rearward slide movement begins. It is fairly difficult trying to assess issues with gbb function when you can not handle the affected pistol.
  3. There was a thread in here referencing the Safariland 6004 series Tactical Holster. Here is my old one and some others for sale as a lot. $60.00 shipped for all three.
  4. Both of these included in the Lot 13. Beretta M9 Series by Tokyo Marui. Another gas blow back I refinished. This has Dura coat on the frame, slide and outer barrel. Cerakoat on the grips. (1) Magazine with this but they should be easy to find. $100 Shipped. 14. KJW Heckler and Koch USP series. Another one I refinished the slide and sights. great gas blow back action. Extra magazines are inexpensive for this. $30 through evike and available. This is not a cheaply manufactured gas blow back. Very complex slide valve unit with a sliding nozzle end. Cerakoat was what I used. $100 shipped.
  5. Western Arms SV 5.0 series. This Japanese manufacture of gas blow backs feature many unique designs. From the inner barrel set up, trigger and release valve and the magazine release valve. These are normally always a limited run. Very little cheaply manufactured materials on this. You would be amazed at how closely almost all the features of this duplicate the actual handgun. I have the before images and after. I completely went through this and refinished most parts. All shot with cerakoat. I hand polished the frame and slide and hammer. I even drilled out the front sight and equipped it with a fiber optic light pipe. (2) Magazines with this. A 50 rd extended magazine which I have never seen elsewhere, and a standard magazine. Excellent condition. $300.00 Shipped. Considered by many to be the hardest kicking and best made gas guns available. Clarence Lee the Airsoft Surgeon normally starts with this brand when customizing. [/url]
  6. THESE ARE ALL SOLD..... Thanks Airsoft Forum. These have been sitting for the last 5 years at least. Paypal Only. It is your responsibility to know and follow the laws of your State. All these items in my thread are being sold "As Is" "No Returns". Make sure to ask me for additional images as to insure you understand what you are paying for. PLEASE PM IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. I would prefer no posting in the thread. Thanks in advance for that. Most of these are very uncommon. All of them have been gone through and parts replaced as needed. All mags seal. Selling as a lot and "As IS" the following.. Selling all these in a package. (10) Gas Blow Backs. All of them function as they should. The select fire operates so you can fire semi or full auto on two of them. Magazines are included. They are (2) KSC/KWA G 17 style with frame reduction and Carbide Silicon grip treatment. That is a permanent treatment. (1) KSC G 18C Select fire. (3) KSC/KWA G 19's. These look and feel as close to the real brand as possible. (1) KSC/KWA G 26C with Select fire. (1) G 34. (1) Tokyo Marui Beretta M9. (1) KJW HK USP Full Size.Many if not all had slides re-coated with Cerakoat. Commonly broken parts and springs were replaced with new. I have some spring kits left over and sear releases. (16) Gas Magazines Included. All of these are sealing. These are in excellent condition. $550.00. $1000.00 Firm
  7. Last time this guy posted was in 2013. You bumped like a 5 year old thread.
  8. Keeping with the thread jacking theme...... I do remember the title of that site. I could not tell you where I saw it other than the net. If I saw the banner for it I would remember. Interesting mentioning Arnies. I was able to get him to list a big game I wanted to promote on his front page. If you know him personally I understand he has a unique background. I'm not sure if what I heard about his background is accurate. This was years ago so my mind is fuzzy. It's very impressive if it is true. Of the 22 mags I just went through, I had to only disassemble two of them. I reconditioned the square seals and was able to get them to reseal. This after sitting for possibly 5 years or so. My experience is keeping some pressure or gas in the mag keeps pressure on the seals and they tend to dry out less. I have never had to devcon, epoxy or other liquid steel mag bases. My tech did for a client. But this was for a mag that simply would not reseal. I did not know the construction material of the base seals. We always used white lithium as a sealing/reconditioning material. Again, this method has worked well enough for me to keep using it. The 2 leaky seals were just dry. I greatly appreciate your kindness in mag parts. I tried to sell 18 pounds of gbb parts recently. Mostly KSC/KWA G series parts. No one bit so I completed 3 more of that series. I was fortunate to pull together parts from Redwolf, Evike and KWA direct. Right now I just need to move the 10 G series I have. I do still have quite a bit of left over parts. Thanks and my apologies for the drift.
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