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  1. In the story, Bruce also teaches Longstreet to listen to what is going on around him, not just to move for the sake of moving but to relate it to what is going on. Li asks Longstreet if he can hear the bird that has been singing quietly in the background throughout their conversation. Because Longstreet is blind, Li cannot get him to become more aware of his peripheral sight, but he can get him to expand his overall awareness through listening more attentively. In writing Longstreet, Silliphant based the blind detective’s lessons with Li on his own experiences, explaining, ‘The first thing Bruce did with me was to concentrate on body movement and understanding the relationship between you and your opponent. At first, Bruce blindfolded me and made me move in conjunction with what I felt his movements might be, on all sides. We practised that for weeks before we began anything specific.’ Source: http://gowingchun.com/bruces-teachings-in-longstreet.html
  2. Paramount executives were pleased enough with the Longstreet episode to open their new fall season with it, and now, more than ever, despite all the obstacles he faced, Bruce Lee was convinced his future lay in America. At the same time, Hong Kong radio stations were phoning Bruce and broadcasting his conversations over the air 8,000 miles away. One of the people listening was Raymond Chow of Golden Harvest Studios, a former employee of Run Run Shaw, and his bitter rival. Source: http://gowingchun.com/bruce-is-convinced-to-stay-in-usa.html
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