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  1. For an update, been working and haven't had a chance to come back here in a while. I eventually decided to get a Krytac SPR. It's nice, honestly it feels better constructed than the two .22 ARs I have. I did a small skirmish with the guys I train with against a group of kids a while back. The gun performed great, and has actually held up to a pretty good training schedule. However, there are some criticisms I have in general, not against the gun but against AEGs for my training use. First the capacity of the mid caps. That added capacity is great, but its not realistic to my use. I wasn't being conscious about keeping tabs on my shots all that much. Second, and I realize that this applies to a majority of AEGs, there was the tendency once the mag was empty to keep firing. The lack of a cut off like on some models that the mag is empty kinda irks me in a way. Like I said, nothing against the SPR. It's honestly a great gun. I will keep it, and will continue to use it. However, a KWA is in my future once I get my LBX 0300 kitted out and some other real steel projects done.
  2. As of now, I am looking at the KWA LM4 PTR KR9, to simulate my 11.5" AR pistol. Is the upper receiver able to accept milspec barrel nuts? If so I am going to put one of our rails on it to match my pistol more. Is it also possible to have multiple uppers available? I'd like to have one to emulate my 14.7" LWRC as well. Once I have the time I will add some pictures of my rifles to show what it is I am trying to emulate.
  3. So before I dwell into what I am looking for I feel that it is necessary for me to give a little background info on my self. My experience with airsoft began in high school when me and my buddies would run around with AEGs, springers and gas pistols in the woods. It was all in good fun and nothing too serious. Fast forward to 2013, graduation roles around and the hobby died off when we started college or went into the military. I'm a real steel gun guy at heart. Always have been. I work in a manufacturing facility full time, with former and active LEOs, SWAT, military and contractor personnel. I also manage OEM inventory, build high AR-15 rifles and pistols, process distribution orders and shipping said orders for rifles. Needless to say, my time spent on an actual range isn't that much. However, in oder to supplement my actual training I am prepared to get invested in airsoft. One of the guys I work with attends mil sim events to supplement his SWAT training and to stay one step ahead of the game. He's invited me to attend events with him in order to supplement my training and increase my proficiency. Now with all that being said, I can finally get into why I joined this forum. I am looking into getting either an AEG or a GBB that will allow me to shoot it as fast on semi automatic as I possibly can that is comparable to my real steel ar-15s. I know it won't be 100% as fast, but as long as it is close that is fine. I run Geissele SSA and ALG triggers in my real guns, so I am used to speed. Also, if it comes down to having to doing upgrades to a gun, I am perfectly fine with that. I have a whole work shop at my disposal. With all that being said, I am hoping to hear feedback from some of the members here who have similar experiences as me or have tried something like this before.
  4. Hello everybody. New guy here, but not all that new to airsoft. Looking forward to the information that I can gather from here.
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