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    I'm looking to get into the sport of airsoft and I'm looking to have fun and enjoy fellowship with newer or veteran air softer (online and in the real world).

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  1. Usually, CYMA has some GREAT AK's for the prices, I'm sure you got this already from another person on here, but here's what I'm thinking of getting: http://www.evike.com/products/30129/ Also, CYMA AK's are usually metal and have an average FPS of 390~ or even 400~ give or take. Not only that, but they're very affordable and you can find extra mags on this Evike site. I think the CYMA AK's with the wood furniture are beautiful, but I like a more tactical blackish look. Anyways, I would say to start with a CYMA and just research into other good brands that make good AK's. Hope this helps :)
  2. Interesting test, I did like it :) I however, don't think tests like this are ALWAYS accurate or even come close to one's personality. I understand it's just a fun thing but some of it was accurate, but at the same time, nah. You see, I don't really let things like this tell me who I am because I know who I am in Christ. But hey! It's cool! I'm a Phlegmatic I guess -Delores
  3. I would say to experiment with different camouflage types and if it's hard, then go with MultiCam :)
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