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  1. Just got the package recently. First time to use uac aluminum nozzle. Easy to install, smooth blowback with louder "bang" sound. Surprisingly after a thousand round and still looks like brand new.
  2. just got it. will try out soon.
  3. Usually aluminum bbu is lighter than stock bbu. more gas efficient and faster recoil. wondering if anyone has tried this.
  4. Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS Anyone got the bolt stop lever parts broken on the magazine? I got 2 mags broken with this parts. just the bolt stop didn't work now for this 2 mags. everything else is just fine.
  5. Just found this BBU for TM P226. Anyone tried this? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_GBB_Other_WA_M4_Parts_UAC_Aluminum_Blowback_Housing_for_Tokyo_Marui_P226_GBB.htm
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