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  1. I should have been more precise when I wrote: "Marushin 5-7 uses the 14mm- threads." What I should have said is that Marushin does have an adapter that uses the 14mm- threads. The new, elusive OEM suppressor for the 5-7 is supposed to screw onto this adapter. The source is this, a sales memo from Marushin. Bullets 3 and 6 refer to the point at issue. http://fujicompany.co.jp/post_images/2016_10_24_1023230001%20(1).jpg
  2. Marushin 5-7 uses the 14mm- threads like many others. Now having said that, Marushin also claims that it uses a proprietary outer barrel to fit an OEM suppressor (see below). You really have to try and see if a Marui-compatible one fits properly. FYI, Marushin was supposed to release the GEMTECH-licenseed suppressor for the 5-7 last month, but for whatever the reason that has been delayed. Initially, it was January, then became February, and now....
  3. As far as I am aware, Echo 1 ASR = Well MB06. Therefore, if you look for upgrade parts to MB06, you should be good. My understanding is that the MB06 cylinder is APS2. If that is correct, then the linked product from Evike probably works. I have also specifically searched for a cylinder marked for MB06 and found this: http://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-well-mb06-13/niklovany-valec-pro-pusky-well-mb06-detail There is no reason to believe that the stock cylinder head does not fit, as a direct replacement cylinder like this should be able to take everything else that is stock, e.g., cylinder head, spring guide, etc. If in doubt, you can contact this vendor and ask them whether the stock MB06/ASR parts are kosher with this cylinder.. The seller is located in the Czech Republic, but I have used them more than once and found them to be very helpful and reliable.
  4. Changing the trigger assembly is the first thing you want to do, so that is good. No, nothing should break with an M150 spring once the new trigger and 90' piston are in.
  5. You will not reach 550 fps on M150, not even 515. If you have to get there, then yes, get a higher tensile spring and cut coils as needed. Personally, though, I would not bother doing that, as the difference between, say 475 fps and 525 fps in the field is pretty much a non-factor whereas the accuracy is everything. I have tried both M150 and M170 in my L96 and found M150 to be better to use simply because I can pull the bolt more easily (and get off shots faster if need be). And you can score just as many hits with a lower rated spring as the higher, given the same level of accuracy. If you are really curious about the difference between the springs, though, since the springs are generally rather inexpensive, why don't you experiment by getting both M150 and M170, which is what I myself did. Maybe you will note the difference, maybe you will not. Either way, I believe that it will not be a wasted experience.
  6. You will also need a 90-degree piston to go with the AA Zero Trigger, unless the "kit" you mention above already includes one. I personally prefer a Maple Leaf 70' bucking and a Maple Leaf 'omega' nub that is marked as being for AEGs. Finally, be sure that the field you play at does permit the fps that you want to attain.
  7. My last order with Echigoya, which has just arrived, took five days round-trip (from order date to arrival of shipment in US). As always, very fast. The orange tip was attached, and everything that was supposed to be in the box was also there. It does not look as though the customs ever opened the package, but your mileage may vary.
  8. I concur. As fas as I know, Echigoya is the largest Tokyo Marui distributor in the world in terms of the number of units sold. And in Japan, they almost always have the lowest TM prices. Echigoya is well-established and trustworthy. After having stated that Echigoya "almost always (has) the lowest TM prices," I have been corrected by my Japanese sources that a few vendors in Japan now fairly routinely, if not always, beat Echigoya in the TM product prices. They say that Echigoya is like Amazon - always start with them to benchmark other shops in pricing. Also, note that the prices on echigoya-guns.com (worldwide site) are higher than Echigoya's JDM website prices on echigoya-tokyo.jp (and no, you cannot order from echigoya-tokyo.jp if you need Echigoya to ship abroad).
  9. I do not have a hands-on experience with the MB06, only MB01/04/05/08, so I have to take a guess. Typically, the bolt assembly is attached to the cylinder with nothing other than an end screw. Attach the bolt assembly to this end of the cylinder and then screw it down with an end screw (http://airsoftpro.cz/images/stories/virtuemart/product/airsoftpro-well-mb06-nickel-cylinder-detail2.jpg). But better than trusting yours truly who has never worked on the MB06, try Googling "MB06 disassembly" "APS SR-2 disassembly" and "Echo 1 ASR disassembly" until you find a useful post(s). As you probably know, Maruzen APS SR-2 is the original, and Well MB06 and Echo 1 ASR are identical clones. I have done my own quick search and come up with this one: http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/#/topics/3172?page=1&_k=id40cw Good luck, and let us know what you learn!
  10. This off the Echigoya Facebook page.... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1322676967803190&id=114192418651657
  11. I know that this is a necro thread, but how did it go with Echigoya? Could you share your experience here to the benefit of everyone?
  12. Are you shipping TO the Philippines? If so, just be sure to know the local laws and regulations concerning airsoft goods to be imported into the country, and if you are compliant, then just hand over whatever you need to ship to the forwarder or common carrier of your choice. If you are going the other direction, to the U.S., the same rule of thumb applies (e.g., an orange tip and a declaration that this is a sporting good/toy gun).
  13. http://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-well-mb06-13 Try this place, and I hope you can find what you need. This joint is located in the Czech Republic, and I, living in the U.S., have used them more than once. Quite reliable, and the parts under their own brand are of high quality.
  14. Of course, any forwarder or mover would take your airsoft guns and ship wherever. But if you are the designated consignee, meaning the party who is listed on the bill of lading as the one to ultimately receive the shipment, then you are on the hook for any applicable laws and regulations. You cannot remove yourself from potential legal liabilities by handing the goods to a forwarder or mover. This is especially true if you are both the consignor (shipper) and consignee (aka shipping to yourself). To say this in English, what this means is that a freight forwarder, carrier or mover does NOT assume your legal responsibilities. They remain yours if you are shipping/receiving airsoft guns.
  15. Very true. But with my limited experience with an HC, it sprays so many BBs up to around 100 feet (maybe more like 75 feet) with a certain spread pattern that the person who actually owned the gun said, "I can get a hit without aiming." But the GBB always puts a smile on your face! An ideal compromise may actually be the next-gen TM rifles. You may have experience with them already, but their recoil is much much more potent than the horrible electric blowback thing we have seen, which is really a noise maker. Not so with the next-gen TM AEGs. And since they are Marui AEGs, they shoot accurately. It is just that the next-gen Maruis are so expensive that I can get one HC and one GBB for the price of one next-gen.
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