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  1. What's the best M4 base (as in, base for installing future upgrades) for $200 or less?
  2. Hi, I was wondering what tactical gear you guys suggest for me, eg. vests, masks, etc., and which brand and model I should get? Here's the vest I was thinking:
  3. As stated above, I'm budget-less, and I'm an extremely tech-savvy guy. I know how to solder, build circuits, and have a license for Ameuter Radio, which has a 1000-question question pool all about circuitry, soldering, electrical safety, etc. But I haven't ever built an airsoft gun from scratch, so I'd appreciate it if someone could teach me a bit.
  4. -Shearer OK, I'll narrow it down to an AEG, and there are no FPS rules where I play. I want both the internals and the externals to be upgradeable -- it should (as in, 'must unless it severely damages the other criteria') be able to get sights/scopes*. Fine, the ROF isn't that important, but it should be decent for an AEG. Preferably hicaps, but the capacity importance varies with the ROF -- higher ROF, more capacity. I am looking for a gun that will be able to keep me alive against anywhere from 1-6 people, some of whom might have the advantages of surprise and the higher ground. The tactics are the following: Must be able to use as a stand-alone weapon, such as in 1+ vs. me, We (me and my airsoft buddies) play in a semi-muddy, semi-swampy forest in the back of my pasture-it's around 7 acres of nature-trees, hills, swamps, and mud, I'm an aggressive player, but I know when to attack and when to retreat, and; We're not always in a group, and not always even in pairs, but we do communicate in-battle when we can. *This is added because my current Firepower F4-D has a 'fake-scope' (in other words, a stupid real-scope eliminator) that holds 500 BBs but makes attaching a scope impossible.
  5. I was wondering which rifle and which pistol I should buy. The cost of the gun is not a consideration. Here are the criteria: FPS Accuracy (for snipers), ROF for automatics, and weight for pistols Upgradability Durability Capacity Looks RIS rails Comfort Weight Tactical Usefulness
  6. Hey, its M4 Maniac, and I was wondering which sniper rifle would be the best, not limited by price? Here are the criteria, in order of importance: 1. Accuracy 2. FPS 3. Reliability 4. Weight 5. Capacity 6. Reload speed 7. Tactical rails 8. Looks
  7. I was wondering what upgrades, both internal and external, I could get for my AEG? Look at it on Amazon for more info.
  8. I was wondering how to attach a scope to my F4-D. The trouble is, the top tactical rail is taken by the cartridge/fake scope. Look for it at amazon for pics.
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