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  1. Okay disregard this post. I guess I'm a regular tech. NOT. I grinded the smallest amount of material off the spring guide stop and wazaam wauu I have never had such smooth bolt pull in this thing. Omg...
  2. The part that is behind the spring guide that stops the spring guide and spring from going back allowing it to engage the sear... I don't know why I cannot think of the technical name.
  3. Well.... I put my action army spring guide, piston, spring into the stock TM cylinder. The bolt pull is a lot better. Like day and night difference. But, yes there is a but, when in the closed position it is super hard to get out and start the pull back. It feels as though it's getting stuck on something. I've checked what I think is everything. I can't seem to get it figured out??? The spring stop was a bit tough going in. I actually had to give it a good tap to get it in all the way. Could it be getting stuck on the back end of the cylinder? I'm grasping for straws here. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks I literally was thinking about just swapping the action army cylinder for the stock TM cylinder. I'm only running 500 fps so it's not some super high fps build. From what I gather the stock cylinder can hold its own. And this is the second time u told me upgrades aren't always upgrades. I'm slowly starting to realize this.
  5. Let me start by telling what is in my rifle. Everything is action army. Piston. Spring. Spring guide. Cylinder. Receiver. Inner/outer barrel. Hop up. Nozzle. Zero trigger. Barrel spacers. U get the idea. The only thing Tokyo Marui is the body and a few small parts. My issue is that I have side to side movement of the bolt. It feels like the spring stop is not wide enough. It's causing grinding when I pull the bolt back. It's super hard to find that sweet center point where it pulls beautiful when on the field. It's grinding on the sides of the stop. Sometimes so much it causes the sear to get stuck down and I'd have to twist the bolt in the back position or while pulling it back to get it to go back up and catch the piston. My questions is there any mods? that someone knows or has delt with this problem ? Any solutions? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated....
  6. Has to be the nub. Tried all the bucking I have. Same issue. Some better than others. Same flat nub, same issue,
  7. I also have some different buckings. The firefly bucking as well as a prommy purple. And a couple g&g greens..
  8. Yes I did a visual. The nub worked great when it was an aeg. But I'm in the process of having a couple nubs mailed. Firefly flat nub and the Prometheus nubs also. With the roller bar. I'm hoping this fixes the issue. I pulled the nub out. The modify one. And it's rather squishy.. I don't know if that's good or bad. I am running heavier ammo than when I had it aeg... I was using 25s. Now with the hpa I'm using 32s and 36s...
  9. Just dropped a polarstar f1 in my m4 ver 2... No issues inside.. my hop is turned all the way up and ammo flies about 70 feet and curves strait to the ground... Prowin Madbull shark bucking Hard flat nub from modify I think. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it may be the nub. Please any info will help and be greatly appreciated
  10. I use the modify bucking and nub set but use the hard bucking. Works pretty good for me. U have to check the lips of the bucking tho. Had to shave a little off to fix a Feeding problem. Other than that I love it.
  11. Okay after shooting the tip of my finger with a .25... I fixed my Feeding issue. Thanks hang tight. There was the smallest piece of the bucking causing a very small amount of resistance. After shaving it. I'm good to go. Thanks yall
  12. I'm in Florida. Not worried about cold weather. And no not a full blown DMR. looks like one more than anything. I'm also limited on fps as well
  13. M120 sorry for the typo, caliper I didn't do. Now I did notice the air nozzle not getting pulled back far enough when I turn the gun upside down and dry fire it.
  14. I did a drop test. I'm not catching anywhere. Nothing seems to be getting in the way. Nozzle is lined up perfect. Funny thing is I had this gearbox totally stock when I replaced the hopup and bucking. I put the prowin in and I use a G&G green bucking moded for flat hop. It worked and fed flawlessly. I put in the new parts listed above and I'm having feed issues.
  15. Yes it did have it. I took it all out tho put a regular cylinder in it. All blowback is is an extra feature that gives the most minute recoil feel. Kinda pointless if u ask me.
  16. I just did a lot of upgrades on my G&G Top Tech TR4-mod0. I had a horrible air seal to begin with. Also turned her into a dmr. Everything is working great. Awesome airseal. Great trigger response. The only issue I have is when I load a mag it shoots about 5 rounds than starts misfeeding and double Feeding. Now here is what I changed inside to give u an idea of what I'm working with. Matrix air nozzle Matrix cylinder head CNC piston Guarder piston head M130 spring Tunable trigger Prowin hop up Flat hopped I also did some DIY mods to get a good seal on the bucking and stuff I didn't have any Feeding Issues till I upgraded the internals Someone told me to put a sector chip in it. Im told that should fix it Makes some sense because the old air nozzle didn't have an o-ring and the new one does so it doesn't move as smooth as the other one. Anyways I'm asking for any input to get this Feeding Issues takin care of. Please any info or tips would be greatly appreciated...
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