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    JG M4 S-System enhanced (needs repairs) Classic army KM12 M4 (new) KWA M9 PTP (no rail) Safariland SLS drop leg holster (Beretta 92) Emerson bump helmet with rails (Tan) Lancer Tactical high speed M4 chest rig (Tan) US Air Force standard issue bdu pants (cant find brand) US Air Force combat shirt (cant find brand) 2 350rd m4 highcaps by JG 2 350rd m4 highcaps by CA 2 190rd m4 midcaps by Evike 2 KWA M9 PTP mags
  1. What are middle Georgia airsofts hours
  2. According to my KWA M9 manual your locking block doesnt have enough room to go down all the way for your slide to rack with the mag in because of how close the barrel ramp is.
  3. Im stuck between assault and recon, I usually get too far ahead of my team and take out enemy players if their force is small enough, if not, I'm a bat out of hell back to friendly lines to report then come back with more guys and rush the enemy lines. Story time: I had one instance where at a night game I found myself being pushed on my 3 players in front, with their guns up and about 3 ft away from each other and jogging towards my general direction. They came within 20 ft of me ( I was in a shadow made by the light tower in the middle of the field) Adrenaline, caffeine, and muscle memory took over, 3 shots.. 3 hits, I took the middle player first, then right, then left.
  4. Hello everyone, I am moving from Tucson to Warner Robins and looking for a field to play at over there, the only field there is Laughing Jackal Airsoft, but it seems they are closed down. I am looking for a field area, if none are present, I am willing to give cqb arenas a try. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. My M4 broke down and is too pricey to repair, my birthday is May 17 and after that is Christmas so I guess 200 percent chance.
  6. Hello, After my JG M4 broke down and cannot be repaired I have been looking for a new M4. I know G&G is a great brand, but the KM12 really sells it with its inline MOSFET, 6.03 tighbore inner barrel and the 12 inch keymod rail system for only $179. Just want to know everyone's thoughts.
  7. I usually do a weapons check with my team, we talk about plans(certain players and area to avoid, cover to head to first), listen to Alestorm (pirate metal), and we all scream in unison "This is my rifle, this is my gun! This is for fight and this is for fun!"
  8. Last weekend at Freedom Airsoft, some nasty drama occurred over HPA players. (disclaimer: real names will not be used) My friend A who has a Wolverine SMP M4 build was playing black-hawk down on the defending team. He used full-auto for suppression purposes only on advancing players, pretty harmless right? The attacking team didn't like this one bit. They came up to A at the staging area and basically said "F***ing kill yourself cheater." Keep in mind that A always calls his hits even in doubt and isn't a douche-bag about minimum engagement distances, he is VERY respectable. His gun on full-auto shoots 40 RPS with no fcu. So the refs rounded up the HPA players and told them to go semi-only, no-bursts, no full-auto. When asked why they said "because of the kids." That ticked off HPAs as well as us AEGs, because I can take a AEG and throw upgrades into it and it will have the same trigger response and RPS as an HPA. My friend A overheard them talking banning HPA all together. One up the refs came up to A and I and told us they can throw upgrades and make it the same as an HPA, but some of the refs still want to ban them.So at the last game of the night, they let HPA do burst, and no one complained. Side note: I've been full auto-ed by many HPA's before and guess what I didn't cry about it because its airsoft and there will be full-auto no matter what power source we use. A emailed the refs today and they said HPA's can not use burst or full-auto.
  9. I would run and find an ambush point and wait for em to find me.
  10. Assault Recon/Fast Attack/Intimidation I play mostly night games. Im the first to go in, usually sprinting to the best possible building/cover for the game type. I normally find myself behind enemy lines and they never know I am there. I usually wait until the biggest possible group of enemies start converging towards me in the open and then I open fire, startling them and they usually fall back to cover with what guys they have left. After the game is over I usually ask the guys "What went through your mind?" most of them say "Your gun was so loud it sounded like there were 20 guys there!" I have a nickname at the field "Green Giant" because of my height and the camouflage I wear. I have adopted it as my call-sign. There's my complete combat role.
  11. Field CQB in airsoft is just hearing "CALL YOUR HITS!!" Over and over.
  12. Hello everyone, I got into airsoft by watching JetDesertFox on YouTube, then I went and looked up airsoft stores on google, I went on hobbytron.com (cringes) and thought that the $50 spring M4 was the best gun in the world. Keep in mind that I was 10 years old at the time and didn't have a clue what an aeg or a gbb® was. Now I am 15 and have tons more knowledge of what to buy vs. not to buy. I am part of an airsoft team called Cerberus International based out of Tucson, AZ. That's a little bit about me.
  13. Primary: JG M4 S-System Enhanced in Tan(400 FPS) Acsessories: Aimpoint COMPM4 replica on riser Grip pod Mock PEQ box for battery( front wired) 500 Lumen weapon light (forgot brand) Mags: 2 JG 350rd high cap (Black 2 Evike BAMF 190rd midcap (Tan) 9.6 1600 mah battery 8.4 5000 mah backup battery Sidearm: KWA M9 PTP 2 25rd mags Tactical Gear: Emerson bump helmet (Non-Ballistic type in tan) Helmet accessories: gopro mount Patches for helmet: Nametape on back with my last name, full color american flag on right, dark earth american flag with Eagle Globe and Anchor on left. Lancer Tactical high speed M4/M16 chest rig (Took off external pouches and put a triple pistol mag pouch on the front) USAF issue utility pants USAF issue combat shirt Safariland SLS drop leg holster Phantom gear dump pouch (multicam) on the back of my rig. USAF issue combat boots ASG googles Matrix mesh mask USAF issue BDU belt. Other junk: Electrical tape multi tool rubber knife pistol speed loader Green gas can (depends on game)
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