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  1. Ηello airsoft world! I upload a full review of Airsoft Innovation BURST XL with some tips!! Check it out and leave a like ,comment and a sub to support me!
  2. Hello!! I wish u all good and safety new airsoft season! Thats my new video and for first time I am using my shoulder camera "novritsch style" that I spy from him and made it. Check the video and if you enjoy it like the video,comment and leave a subscribe it cost u nothing... Of course share it with your friends!! thank you in advance!!
  3. Hello guys I am making a giveaway of Well g194 that I recently reviewed on my channel and I am giving a 7.5% discount coupon for www.skirmshop.nl !!!!Check the video for more informations!! The coupon is : badinfluence
  4. Hello guys this is my review for well g194 co2 version... Check it out and if ou like the video leave a like ,comment and a sub.
  5. Ηello guys!! I bought a Cyma cm127 and I want to share with you my review about that!
  6. This is a brand new video review of poseidon p51 hi-capa..it is a WE tech base model fully upgraded and costumized by poseidon!
  7. Hello guys, new video from the biggest milsim event in my country(Greece) 3 days operating...:) This is part1! Part2 is on the way...Check the video and if you like it don't forget to click the like button,comment and sub to my channel for more!! Thank you!! have a good day!!
  8. hello guys I upload a new review video of a cheap AK rifle but as you can see it shoots really good! if you like the video don't forget to like,comment and give me a sub! thank you!!
  9. Is that one of the best Type M4 airsoft rifles?????? Reviewing ARes amoeba Am-009!! If you like the video don't forget to like,comment and sub!!!
  10. New video guys... Check it out and if you like the video don't forget to like,comment and to sub!!!
  11. Hello guys thats my intro for my youtube channel... So check out to know what you will see in my channel..
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