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  1. On a side note, guess what just slid in no problem? I swear I just gained a few grey hairs from this. Thanks for the help!
  2. That'ts the thing I cannot for the life of me tell. It just won't fit! It feels like the receiver was never meant to fit the gearbox but that can't be the case because it was in there before. The one time I did get it in it was an absolute mess to get it out again so my best bet is its something to do with the selector. Theres the gap where the selector is supposed to slide through at an angle so my guess is its catching on one of the bevels. Is there a technique to this or something?
  3. Hi There, So a friend asked me to look at his Krytac M4 that he got off of Ebay because it wasnt working and given that there's nothing else to do during quarantine I thought might as well. Initially it went pretty well, one of the contacts for the trigger mechanism had sheared off so I just replaced it and the gearbox went together just fine but during reassembly for testing that's where problems started. First, lemme preface this saying I've never worked with krytac before, (don't nearly have enough money haha), so don't exactly know too much about them but the weirdest problems have arisen. First, the fixed gear on the selector plate is slipping gears when rotating and wedging itself under the plastic selector plate itself at times. Now this might be solved when placed in the shell but that's where the second problem started, I cannot for the life of me get the gearbox in the lower receiver. I've tried the everything from the semi auto trick to even trying to installing it into the receiver itself without the selector gear to see if it was catching, didn't even fit then. I got it into what seemed like the correct position once, but the firing selector was incredibly stiff, so I popped it out and just assumed I did it wrong. Needless to say, please help me airsoft techs of the internet. To summarize: 1. Firing selector gear is slipping and wedges itself under selector plate 2. Cannot for the life of me get the gearbox back in the receiver, it feels like it shouldnt fit even when I put a good amount of force into it. Thanks in advance for all the help!
  4. Well I give up. My AK broke down during a skirmish game and well it seemed like a simple fix at the time but after chasing one problem after another I've decided to seek out more experienced help. I had some work done my GI in the past but that never ended up to well, (seemed fixed at the time and then broke down a game later), so I'm on the look out for a more local tech in or near the Seattle area that can help me out. Lemme know if you know anyone or if you're my guy. Thanks!
  5. So my CYMA Ak47 (CM028) has been good to me for a long while now and ive decided its time to return the favor with some upgrades, however I've been looking around and I cant seem to find a single hop up unit that wont destroy the bank or require ridiculous amounts of modification to just get it in the gun and working. So I have decided to turn to the internet for help as well as my elders here. Any Suggestions on a good hop up unit?
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