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  1. Thanks guys. Like I said, the boy bought the gun as a fun gun to use. I explained to him it's not a recommended rifle to upgrade but he liked the look. I have a JG bar10 that I'm in the process of building properly, so when this one is unusable or becomes a financial burden to him, mine will be done. I feel confident ordering the one I linked from evike now. I'll post up and let you guys know how I made out as well as provide info for anyone else in future searches.
  2. I will get on that. Thanks. My son saw the gun and for the gun and upgrade kit he's in for $150. He isn't into it to make it some sort of killer sniper, just have fun. The trigger box and sears are metal, I'm sure it will last him a while for when he gets the urge to be sneaky.
  3. Hey guys, My son has an ASR with the standard upgrade kit. Recently, his bolt assembly began to separate (the rear end where the bolt handle attaches to the cylinder). The stock bolt assembly/cylinder is only press fitted. I want to upgrade to an aftermarket cylinder but all the research has only confused me as to what cylinder the ASR actually takes without modification. It seems most threads I have come across has one person saying this and one person saying that. I found what I think is the correct cylinder and have posted below. Will this work? Will it accept the stock cylinder head? If not, please help. The last thing I want to do is order the wrong part and deal with having to return stuff. I appreciate any and all help you guys can give me. http://www.evike.com/products/42166/
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