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  1. So me and a couple of friends decided we wanted to try airsoft. We've only ever had $10-15 spring pistols to shoot(and miss cause they're so inaccurate) at targets. Right now we would just be playing it in our backyard, but we live on 3 acres so it's not such a huge deal. The issue with it still is that it's extremely open. There's some cover and a few trees but the bulk of it is open. And there will only be 3-4 of us playing at a time.. 2 of my friends want some kind of bolt action but I don't think that's a good idea for a fairly small(we live on 3 acres but not all of it is available for airsoft) and open area. Nor are they good for 3-4 person round. I'd say the play area is around 150x100yds or close to it. Budget is as low as it can get because all of us need guns. This isn't anything serious, just a couple times a week fun in the backyard. I just want some honest opinions for some guns that fit the bill. Thanks. Sorry if I missed something.
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