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  1. Normally I wouldnt comment on a dead post. Necro-posting sucks, BUT this was brought to our attention a couple weeks ago. We actually had no idea it was here and a Google search for Airsoft in Bowling Green KY. brought it up to our horror. Having said that, we felt that this needed to be addressed so that everyone that encounters this online can know the truth. I welcome and respect everyones input. As a company we try very hard to see to our customers needs, but there are times when this happens. I am going to highlight some of the original posters statements and give my version of the events as the unfolded. I made the call and spoke with the owner Thomas. Since they were several hours away I sent him pictures of my gun with the upgrade info and during the call I asked if he could give me some kind of estimate that way if it wasn't near what I was looking for I wouldn't waste his time or mine driving down. Let me state that I have worked for businesses that buy used. Giving someone a quote over the phone is a tricky thing because they always expect what you told them regardless. I knew this and didn't expect him to give me an exact price quote, I was just looking for a ball park. This made him EXTREMELY upset. Im not sure if he thought I was trying to rip him off or what but the guy got very angry and yelled/argued on the phone. After he finished I said that's ok,no worries, I would drive down and see what he could do. On the way down my fiancé told me it was a bad idea that anyone that gets upset at a customer for asking a question isn't someone I should do business with. However I decided that I would give him the benefit of the doubt and go anyway. This individual spent the better part of 20 minutes on the phone brow beating us over this gun. (VFC SCAR DMR) We told him that we would have to see the weapon, test it and verify that all of the "upgrades" before we do any pricing. As a company we have the policy that no mention of money is stated in any way, shape or form until the gun is inspected and tested. We have had issues where the customer went, "well you said!!" so we do not mention money. This individual would not accept this policy and it didnt matter what we said. After 20 minutes of debate with him, the issue became heated. I told him that he could either come down and do as we ask or not, but the debate over an estimate was over. Period. A few days passed and I heard nothing back. I checked the ups website and saw that the gun I shipped had been delivered so I called the shop to make sure and to talk about the gun that I wanted them to make. One of the store associates picked up and I explained about sending the gun and he said that yes they had it. I then started speaking with him about building my gun and trying to work out a price. During this conversation he gave the phone to Thomas as he didn't want to give me a quote on a custom gun. Thomas got on the phone and I could instantly tell he was angry. He proceed to tell me that I was not going to get one of the BG airsoft guns built and that I couldn't use my trade to purchase any of the BG airsoft line of guns. He then got an attitude and said that he didn't even know why I shipped the gun back that he never agreed to that. I then explained that I shipped it because he said to get it back asap and I knew I wouldnt be able to make it down for a few days. He said he sent no such email. I had to pull up my email and forward him the email that he sent me. Once he received it he calmed down and got quite, realizing he did send the email. This is mostly true. I had forgotten about the specific email that he mentioned, but I did reluctantly agree to allow him to exchange the original AEG he chose as long as it wasnt used. He sent the AEG to us and it was indeed, unused as far as we could see from an initial inspection. What is not true, however is that I was instantly angry. I will not lie though. This guy had already shown the signs of being a real problem and I must admit that I was expecting another one of those situations where I would have to get rude to get things done. I then asked why I couldn't use store credit to purchase one of their guns. He said I could use store credit on anything in the store but their guns. We made it known tight from the minute that he walked in the door, that we did not accept trades for the following. New Polarstar guns and products, BGA Tactical Systems AT-10 Series AEG's and anything used. At the time he came in, our AT-10 series was new. So new in fact that the numbers coming to us from the factory (Yes we actually manufacture this AEG) were so low and the demand was so high that we only accepted orders. This was made known to him on the day he traded in and we discussed it at length on that day. He even referred back to that fact on more than one occasion during the course of the day. I was a little confused at this for a couple of reasons. First, no where in the trade agreement that we both signed did it say anything about not using the store credit for their guns. Although this point is true, we had discussed this in depth and he was aware. He tried to argue this repeatedly and at one point I stated that there was nothing that said he COULD either, and asked him where that left us? His answer was to revert back to what he said earlier. It actually stated that I could use the store credit for anything. At no point has our policy ever said this. What it does state however in very clear language is that all exchanges are at our discretion. A point that he refused to acknowledge. It also confused me from a business standpoint. Here you have a customer that is interested in your product and is willing to spend more money with you and you refuse them. I then asked if he could send me a gift card or something that I could use the next time I was down there with the credit on it. At this point he exploded he said that he was going to send me back my original DMR that he didn't want my business and that it would be best to go our separate ways. This is one point that I am sure he would not admit to. We told him that he could exchange the AEG for another item or items as long as it was not the aforementioned items that were off limits. Why did I lose my temper with him and tell him to come get his gun? Because he spent almost the entire time insisting that we allow him to exchange the AEG for one that he was not allowed to have. He refused to do anything else. I was tired of dealing with a person that simply would not listed to reason. I then told him that if he wasn't going to take back the scar and let me exchange the scar out to just send it back. He told me no that wasn't going to happen. I then said that we signed a trade agreement and I wanted the scar, the only reason I shipped it back was because I was under the understanding that it was going to be exchanged. He then started cussing and yelling at me, telling me that I was an idiot and that he didn't understand why I couldn't get it through my head that he didn't want my business. After his rant he hung up the phone. Again, we were still in the situation where he wouldnt accept anything other than what we were not willing to give. I gave him a few minutes to calm down and then called back to see if we could agree on sending back the scar. He again told me no. This is true. At this point I was not about to waste another dime of company money on this guy. He made the decision to send the gun back to us on his own. I was not obligated to do anything more than what I had stated 500 times. My aunt is a lawyer so I called her up and asked her what I should do. She advised me that since we both signed a trade agreement and that I have a copy of it he is legally obligated to send me back the scar as it was now my property per the trade agreement. So under her advice I called back and spoke with the sales associate. I explained that I spoke with a lawyer and that I would like to have the scar back since the trade agreement was essentially a contract. Why is it that guys like this always have a lawyer in their hip pocket? Truth be told, I was "obligated" to do no such thing. A point that I made very clear. what I was "obligated" to do was live up to the written limits of the return policy that was clearly stated on his paperwork. Nowhere did it ever mention that we would be obligated to send him anything on our dime. He said no problem that he would send it back the next day. I did state this. I also stated that it would be on his dime and not mine. He refused to pay for the shipping so I told him to come get it because I wasnt wasting another penny on him. I thought it was over at that point. Thomas called me back within minutes and cussed me out again and said how dare I threaten him with lawyers (which I didn't do, I simply said I spoke with one) and who do I think I am. He then told me he wasn't sending anything back that if I was man enough I would drive down there and tell him to give it back to his face. This didnt happen this way at all. Did I lose my temper and go off on him? Oh yes I did. Did I say the things above? I sure did. What he fails to mention though is what actually set me off. He stated that he was going to call the local police here and tell them that I, in effect had stolen from him and/or decived him unlawfully. That is what set me off. He called me a crook. Something I don't take lightly. I then offered to pay the shipping to send it back and he hung up again. I called my aunt back and she advised me to call the local PD in Bowling green and explain the situation. Did I mention above that he refused to pay for return shipping? This is an outright lie. An officer called me back and went over to the BG Airsoft store. He was able to get Thomas to agree to send the scar back and advised me that if call Thomas again that it would be harassment. Mind you I never called him personally, only the store. He made all the personal calls to me. I agreed and then went on my way. Yes he actually did this. what actually happened? We were called by the BGPD. Nothing bad was said. Most of the officers at the BGPD know us as we provide training rifles to many of the law enforcement agencies in the Kentucky, Tennessee area, but we are also next to a day care center where half of the police officers bring their kids. The officer and I had a good laugh over it and in the end, agreed that the only way to get rid of this guy would be to ship the gun back and call it a day. I did send the gun back on our dime. Since I had liked Thomas on Facebook I noticed a few hours later that I got branded as the Worst customer ever and that he was amazed at the length someone would go to get something from him. Yep, I totally did this. I got the package a few days later in the same box I sent to him. I was a little hesitant because I knew that he might have done something to the gun. I opened the box and the VFC box had a fist sized hole punched in it. The gun was however undamaged. I cant confirm this but I will state for the record that we would never have done this and risked having the gun potentially damaged and have to deal with more drama from this guy. Again this is just my experience with this company but I thought that since it was so crazy I would share it. In closing I will say this. I am not the easiest guy in the world to get along with. I am a 50 year old cranky old Army veteran. I love my players though and I will bend over backwards for the people that treat us with respect and do not try to take advantage of us. This guys clear intent was to get something he couldnt have wasnt taking no for an answer. In hindsight I never should have dealt with him after the first encounter. After everything ended, I remembered that he stated that Amped Airsoft did the original build. (No he didnt build it as he said on here.) We called Amped and asked about their experience with him. No suprise to us, Amped was glad to be rid of him as well. The words to us about him was "argumenative and wouldnt take no for an answer." Sound familiar? We are not perfect. Nobody is. This guy got what he deserved. He went up against someone that saw through his BS and lost. He clearly has a history of doing this in the past.
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