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  1. It's similar to this. Probably can't use this, I know...
  2. Maybe I should just wire it to the front to avoid problems.
  3. I'll take a picture it's max voltage is 600v though. I had 16 gauge silicon wire in before but my pinion gear ripped it in half. 😂 very sad
  4. I rewired my gearbox with 14awg wire from home depot, very stiff stuff but worked well for routing. Anyway when I plug in the battery to a voltage tester I get 10.4 v but when I pull the trigger and test it at the motor mounts I get something like 2. Is that normal, is my tester broken, did I wire something wrong?.
  5. Alright put everything back together and it works for the most part. I don't really have semi auto or full it's like a combo of both. I think it's the selector plate or switch. But it fires and at first was shooting :censored2: with a really long tightbore I have. So I changed it back to the stock g&g barrel and it shoots like a champ.
  6. I had bought a while custom torque up monster motor. But broke one of the fins off. Evike* Thanks for the info I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the info I'll let you know how it turns out.
  7. Insulated the points now it doesn't ground with the lower.(good) Only problem is I broke a mount on my motor and soldered a wire on in place. Should this affect it at all or do I have to buy a new motor?
  8. Yeah that's the only thing I can think. I took it apart again last night and it only grounds out when I put the other half of the gearbox shell on leading me to believe it is hitting something on the top half. Maybe one of the solder points.
  9. Can't upload video too big. Any other way I can send it
  10. Motor isn't even in yet I just use an electrical tester to test wires
  11. Just did a polarity test, came up with about 10.1v when I connected a 9.6 valken battery but again when I put it in the lower it reads zero on the same test
  12. No I didn't. I can't seem to find out why it only works out of the gearbox my only guess is a short.
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