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  1. So my charging handle arrived today and I wanted to replace my stock charging handle... but there's a problem. All the tutorials on Youtube I watched seems to have the handle easily drop out of the upper receiver once the screw is disengaged, but mine seems to be stuck behind a dummy bolt plate which has a spring and I don't want to pry up too much since I might break something and had to order a new one. How do I fix this? My receiver is East Crane VLTOR M4A1 by the way. Additional note: the assembly for the dummy bolt plate is apparently fastened by glue.
  2. So after asking some airsoft shops it turns out nobody has the ability to rethread the receiver and importing tools to DIY is going to be a bit pricey. I plan on getting a new receiver around at the end of this month or so, but I have a question. What manufacturer's receiver models that would fit E&C internals (gearbox, inner and outer barrel, stock etc) and the said rail without hassle?
  3. seems like I can't do this one on my own, I'll ask the local shop.
  4. I bought the MadBull MK18 RIS II and tried to fit it myself on my E&C M4A1 (E&C E301S to be exact) , find that my barrel nut keep tilting right. Then I found this... Is there a way to make the barrel nut fit again, or should I just get a new upper receiver instead?
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